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  1. can anyone kindly share their TATA or BSNL NAM settings Primarily I'm looking for the System A and B primary and secondary channels, Access Overload Class, HOME SID/NID. Thanks again (I'd like to put one in my NAM2, and switch manually when I might need to.)
  2. Anonymized Qcn File

    Requesting a kyocera 7135 qcn file ( Any service provider, and possibly multiple files for different service providers ) Thanks in advance
  3. It would be fair to say I was a complete novice 48 hours ago about any technical and or programming aspects for cell phones. Now I'm proud to say I feel like I'm so close to being an amateur, that I can smell it. Hopefully you guys will help me in the process. 1) Which of the following are NOT essential parameters before you can receive signal from a service provider and attempt first time OTAP a) Phone Number A Key c) IMSI_M d) IMSI_T (I'm assuming here that SID NID primary and secondary A,B channels are essential for any communication) 2) And whats the deal with first paging channel? Is it globally unique or is it specific to service providers. Is it essential to program the correct one to initiate the first OTAP? 3) Does the ESN need to be registered with the service provider before OTAP, or does it get registered during OTAP. In other words, if this is an unused ESN, will I atleast be able to receive signal?? Will the dreaded " Searching for Network" disappear?? 4) Is SID unique to a service provider, or does it vary over location? 5) Are there any Kyocera 7135 for Reliance Qcn files that I could get in this forum so I could examine all these things in more detail? Thanks for the patience and time. ps: It would really help to have a (technical)FAQ in this forum
  4. How To Buy Cdma Mobile Out Side India?

    you can use cdma handsets from abroad(800mhz only) on Tata, Bsnl(Tarang) and Mtnl(Garuda) network,u just have to program the cdma channels to whichever network u want to use it. For Tata u need to load Tata's prl on the handset to use it while roaming,whereas Bsnl and Mtnl dont offer roaming on their cdma networks so no prl is required for them.For Tata u just have to program it and load a gsk available in the market,whereas for Mtnl and Bsnl u have to program it and give them the esn no to have it updated on their database.Unfortunately Reliance does not allow other handsets even from other Indian networks,so forget using handsets from abroad on Reliance network. Are u saying that BSNL and TATA will register the ESN of an unlocked handheld? If so, what phone number would you program into your cell? In addition, where can one find the rest of the parameters, including the channel frequencies, SID NID etc.
  5. Will Reliance Work For A Verizon 7135

    Quite frankly what little I have read about cloning has had to do with abuse. -------------------------------- " ....... prohibits knowingly using, producing, trafficking in, having control or custody of, or possessing hardware or software knowing that it has been configured to insert or modify telecommunication identifying information associated with or contained in a telecommunications instrument so that such instrument may be used to obtain telecommunications service without authorization. " -------------------------------- I'm not interested in any such abuse. Simply want to join th RIm fraternity with my my legally purchased phone. Surely thats not prohibited. Any pointers about how to achieve that would be much appreciated.
  6. I have a 7135 for verizon which I used in the states. Can it work with any CDMA network here in india. Is it as simple as contacting Reliance or any other service provider, or does it need to be unlocked first. Is there a faq or guide on unlocking and/or reprogramming the 7135 ? OR in simple words, what do I need to do to get it working here in Pune?