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  1. thank you nitink for your response. Is the upgrade possible unofficially? can anybody share their experience Thanx
  2. I am looking to buy this phone. can somebody please help me with the review or their experience with the phone. Also please guide me if there is any official upgrade to froyo or gingerbread. Can Motorola Milestone Xt 800 Be Officially Upgraded To Froyo Or Gingerbread? Any other suggestion for a similiar phone within Rs 10000.00 are also welcome. Thanx
  3. searching for usb sync handset manager alcatel ot 890 android 2.1 can anbody please help me find this. There are a few softwares available but those are wifi based and i need usb cable based handset manager.
  4. BSNL ready to meet 31 October deadline for MNP domain-B - ‎35 minutes ago‎ State-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) said on Friday it is ready with the infrastructure to start mobile number portability (MNP) by the 31 October deadline set by the government. The MNP service will allow users to retain their mobile ... BSNL agrees to start Mobile Number Portability BreakingNewsOnline. - ‎3 hours ago‎ News Desk: Breaking News! The telecom regulator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) said the mobile users in India will have the mobile number portability (MNP) from October 31. After a long wait, MNP will be implemented by its scheduled deadline. ... BSNL MNP Services – Mobile Number Portability Services in India To start in ... Asia Bizz - ‎9 hours ago‎ BSNL is all set to start BSNL Mobile Number Portability Service in India, this service will allow a mobile user to retian their phone number even after shifting to a new operator. This service will be implemented by BSNL in October. ... Hope it really works out. And hope Telcordia Technologies does not play a spoil sport.
  5. I have a strange problem since last 3 days my phone 700p palm treo gets this long continuous beep and then automatically resets and then when i try to on the phone it goes for network searching. with ttmy enabled. when i looked for phone info my number, esn, verizon username, PRL Rev, PRI Cheksum all these fields are blank. yesterday i had done a hard rest and synced the phone it got started but then later in the day the same thing occurred and now when i hard reset the phone and synced it is not working. No new software are added. nor was any config was changed NV Read Failed When i #*#786# it gives me error cannot retrieve NV item Phone Life Timer from the modem cannot retrieve NV item Data Life Timer from the modem cannot retrieve NV item none of the fields can be initialized from the modem RTN form will quit When i try for phone options , Phone must be on in order access this menu What could be the problem and the solution for it? please help me. the model is 700p palm
  6. Motorola Droid Verizon Does It Work On Reliance?

    Sold it to A R Rehmans assistant.. worth the deal.. as am a big time fan of Rehmans... right now on EVO... and its rocking my world.... new surprises every day... Did you manage to program DROID for reliance.
  7. LG 510 Related Issues And Queries

    i can see evdo signals along with 1x signals. I have not used it though.
  8. Motorola Droid Verizon Does It Work On Reliance?

    Thank you for prompt response. But will a bad esn phone work when reliance accepts meid?
  9. I have a friend coming from US i was planning to buy Motorola Droid Can it be programmed to work on reliance? If Yes is there anythng specific that i need to consider before buying? Will bad ESN work? Thanx
  10. LG 510 Related Issues And Queries

    I have been getting this message from 57812 stating *** This service is temporarily unavailable ***. I got this sms for almost 10 days every 10-15 minutes even during the nights it stopped for last 2 days and again started since last night. Any guess? Also the phone restarts automatically when i start brain tesaer. is there any specific configuration for MMS? I really dont understand when they create such good phone why they skip certain basic features. Alternatively can we configure email on this handset? Thanx
  11. Palm 755p Problem With Buttons Mapping

    I have tried button fix but of no help I am really being under tension i really liked the phone but now i dont know what will happen? I have got it repaired. The keypad was broken. Thanks for your support.
  12. Palm 755p Problem With Buttons Mapping

    I have tried button fix but of no help I am really being under tension i really liked the phone but now i dont know what will happen?
  13. I am having palm 755p of late i am facing problem with buttons on the phone. When i press phone button it functions like the (up arrow) calendar button it function like (down arrow) menu button on bottom right near alt it functions like (right arrow) left arrow button it functions like power button side single button it reduces volume bottom button reduces volume top button switches back to the last software when i press center button it functions like message The phone autmoatically sleeps off and when i try to awake it with the phone, calendar, message and power button it does not activate the phone. Instead i either remove the battery or eject or insert the memory card to activate the phone. Although the phone is on. I have hard reset this phone also. Please help this is a strange problem.
  14. Is there anyway we can use mms on treo 700p(verizon) and 755p(sprint) on reliance connection. I tried to ask this question earlier but did not get any response. Can somebody help?