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  1. Pls help me to get one Dish tv (D2h). For Mumbai/Thane/Dombivli area. Wanna gift it to someone. Any brand wil do. Thanks all in advance.. Sent from my N9977 using Tapatalk 2
  2. Yes.. This is must.. If we r really concern about future of our country..
  3. Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Via SMS

    Call on 198 and request them to deactivate EVDO. That's d only solution. U may receive one confirmation call. Agreeing upon which they will immediately deactivate it. Then after some time u send activation msg again. Hope this should work for u..
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 CDMA Discussion

    I hv observed that EVDO is always better and stable on Non-sim handset. Is this same with note 2 Sprint (non-sim) and Verizon (sim based) handset? Also then on US Cellular EVDO works as non - sim (stable as Sprint) afaik. Pls correct me as i wanna go for note 2 asap. In above 3 version which is best as uncomplicated? Thanks in advance..
  5. Change Your Username

    Hi Arun, Kindly change my username to PrajM if possible. Pls ignore earlier request. Dude, can u do it asap pls? As i hv joined this beautiful forum long back in 2007, and wanna b active with mew username but same old id. I'm in love with this forum dear.. S2/Tapatalk 2
  6. Change Your Username

    HI... Kindly change my name from "rajanmanjrekar" to "Prajmani" Thanks and regards