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  1. Voice Mobile V61 Cdma+gsm @rs5850

    Can any real user put some more information about the phone?
  2. Motorola V9m Having Network Problems

    Dear, Plz contact the area manager(ur area) of motorola and get it replaced no chance that this phone can be repaired.The phone is biggest problem u will be carrying with u, sell it some one or ask for a different phone as replacement.
  3. Voice Mobile V61 Cdma+gsm @rs5850

    Hi, I just saw this mobile V61 in market and it looked like copy of some sony erricson phone.The retailer was forcefully saying that dont take Changjiang A918 and but this one as it is having a years warraty and the price of both the mobiles is almost same.Can some one put some light on this topic? The phone is having folllwing features. 1 GB card free with the handset. Dual Sim (CDMA + GSM) Touch Screen 2.0 Mega-Pixel Camera Bluetooth FM Radio MP3/MP4 Expandable Memory Phone Book 1000 Extra Long Stand By Up to 10 Days* High Quality Sound Video Recording 262k Colour Screen GPRS Class 12 & WAP 2.0 Rconnect and R world need to be checked.
  4. Dual Cdma(2-cdma Sim) Phone

    Can someone suggest the best handset with CDMA+GSM and touch screen PDA under 5K, i am open to take chinese handsets but if it tested by atleast few people.
  5. Samsung Fleta Cw619

    Is this one a touch screen phone with Keypads i just had a glance o fthe same at some retailer, i really want to know more about this phone?
  6. Maxx Gc1000

    Can anyone suggest a phone with Rconnect and Rworld both as well as touchscreen in the budget of 4k?
  7. A918 Cdma+gsm Message Settings

    Can you plz let me know that how much u paid for the same and from where u got it if some pics can beuploded then it will be great.Also can u plz let us knnow what is the max resolution in the camera.
  8. Maxx Gc1000

    Maxx has introduced new mobile, can any one give some details on the same?
  9. Motorola Asc In Trouble?

    Some similar sort of problem i am facing after running behinf the same redington in mumbai i got my my handset replaced after 4 months which include 3 repairs and then i am not able to put new number o the same, what i sholud do in this case motrola say to goto reliance and reliance saysto go back to mototola as the reliance as they cant do anything, where i should go CONSUMER COURT!!!!!!
  10. Motorola V9m Having Network Problems

    Really fedup with the handset and had finally given to change the handset, hope it works well after that.
  11. Motorola V9m

    The set is completely gone.Can any body help me in downloading a game on the handset and running it for my leisure Hours, please provide the websites. The metallic color is coming out.
  12. Motorola V9m - Reliance Logo On Outer Lcd When Flap Is Open

    Can i get the original sizes images so that i can get back to what it was.Do i need to do any impoert or export from the mobile. I have even tried that also but it is not happening.
  13. Motorola V9m Having Network Problems

    Yes there are a lot of problems withthe hand set are they really changing the hanset?
  14. Motorola V9m - Reliance Logo On Outer Lcd When Flap Is Open

    i have tried to change the file i have deleted the the rim_cli.gif and placed the other 'untiltled.gif' one do i need to do something else as it is not showing anyhting and had become blank.
  15. Motorola V9m

    The phone switches off frequently while using it.the car charger they have given is not the one they have shown in the diagram the port can be used to charge mobile only no bluetooth head set. When you connect the phone to the computer all the options given in the software doesn,t works as it do in the other Gsm phone like Motorokr. the main features like multimedia studio and calender. The phone is very expensive according to its features. better take a blackberry or nokia 6275.