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    hey guys thanks for the birthday wishes. i know i have been absent from the forum for some time now, but i have been busy with my studies. and i hardly get any time to be online, all i do these days are just check my mail and chat with my friends if they happen to be online between 9 and 10.30 since it is unlikely to be an active member of this forum, i had asked that i be removed of my moderator status. i hope the admins would check this request and consider this as a resignation. i would still be glad to be a member of this forum, and help in any way possible, like i did with gmail. also i have switched to reliance pre paid from DAPO, since my only use is sms, and 600pm was too heavy price to pay for free sms. i have taken a gsm connection and plan to change to those service providers who give free sms. so in effect my reliance phone has become a phone for incoming calls only. since i can get it for 6 months without recharging it. so guys please excuse me. and make me an ordinary member, since i would not be able to do my duties as a moderator. thanks again for you good wishes
  2. Reliance Bids For Telecom License In Pak

    lol that was funny emmi, reliance popularity soaring because its going to pakistan!!!!!! but i wonder how many would appreciate this harmless joke, since ppl are now thinking about a good future with pakistan
  3. Warn Level

    well code, it doesnt necessarly mean that, for eg. i am sure i have made a lot of mistakes, but i guess because of my super moderator status, other moderators might have actually corrected it, and sometimes, a few of them had told me that i should not do so, but do it in some otherway or post it somewhere else. but that was possible because there are only a few supermoderators, but in the case of members it would not be possible to message each of them and correct it, so instead we usually warn them and tell them what was wrong, and monitor them for a few days. that way we can know if someone is doing it intentionally. so warn level does not necessarly mean someone is good or bad. it is there to help moderators to see any repetation and also for that user, so that he knows he has been warned and to understand that he should take more care while posting.
  4. G-mail Account

    all email check for spam, by looking at the repetation of certain words, and sometimes using ip address, which is not very good, and sometimes by the feedback given by users. gmail serves ads by looking at some key words, and they say that no human eyes look at the email. so whats the problem, they give us this great service because of the ad money, and when they can target the ads to the right audience then they get more money, and when they get more money their service improves. also i have sometimes noticed that some of the ads they serve is pretty well targetted. infact sometimes they r pretty interesting. but i can say that no human is reading it, coz once i got a poem on my email and it had some reference to birds and sparrows and the ads i got were bout birds, books relating to it. and so on. so whats the worry about? it is not as if you are sending matters which might endanger national safety. for those of who are so worried about such things i can suggest only one thing. run ur on mailserver, and send mail to only those people who have their own mail server.
  5. Tellulars Available

    well i think such devices are available. my friend just called and i got a mobile no. she told me she is at her brothers office, which is a gsm providers office and was using that phone to call me, but she also said that it was a land phone. so such things should be available in the market. but i cant imagine how u can make money using that when land line is cheaper.
  6. Warn Level

    i am sorry code, but i didnt understand what you meant
  7. Gmail Not Receive

    hey guys. gmail is still in testing phase. that is why u cant get it easly, its given to people so that they can field test it. if u have any trouble do send ur problems to their support section so that they can rectify such problems
  8. Warn Level

    hi guys, warn level is kinda like a black mark. mods and admins can give it, it is given so that other mods can recoginise who makes a lot of trouble. when we warn u, we can monitor ur post for a few days or indefinitly. if we think that u made a mistake then we dont mind, but if someone tries to make up trouble then we would watch more closely. lets just say its a way to monitor those people who make a nuisence to others and give a head ache for moderators. especially mods like chirag and ashok who read through all the posts. i guess most of those warnings should be reduced, but due to the amount of work most of the time no one would notice it or try to postpond it. so if u got a warning level, then please think about it, it might be given to you because you knowingly or unknowingly did something against the rules of the forum. these rules r necessary because if there werent any rules then there would be utter chaos. we have seen some people sending vulgar messages to women, ads etc to other members. we want to create a safe environment for everyone, without anyone invading their privacy. so guys please cooperate with the moderators and admins.
  9. G-mail Account

    using pop3 with gmail would just be destroying its utility. if u want to do that just get an account with some other provider like spymac, the utility of gmail is the way message is archived and the conversation views etc. i dont know any pop3 client which can offer such a facility
  10. More Email Space

    first of all, u cant sent a file which is larger than the mailbox, and also there are restrictions on the size of file receivable. i am not sure how much it is. and ur files will be deleted only if it is in the trash or bulk folder. or else if the account have been inactive. i have another idea to utilise the space. upload mp3 and sent to to others, one file at a time which would be below 10 mb u can sent it to any no of people. advantage the time consumed will be large only during the first time, after that u can forward it to others. i recently heard tht gmail had a bug, u cant attach more than 6 mb, i am not sure if they rectified it.
  11. More Email Space

    either try to attach a file and save it as draft. or else create another id and send the file to the other and keep it there
  12. World's 1st 2gb Email Service

    yep i know, i got the same message when i tried to register. but i got an account in exchange for a gmail invite
  13. G-mail Account

    yea i know, mine was reduced to 10 mb
  14. Shock Of My Life !

    me too, i was checking news on my mobile for petrol price hike and saw yahoo was trying to do a google. and when i checked it was true. i hve 100 mb. but really, i think gmail is far better. not only due to larger space, but the way messages are shown, ask anyone who got gmail. i think there are about 5-6 ppl who have gmail on rimweb.
  15. Orkut.com Invites

    i had no idea that they suspend users. i invited over 10 ppl in one day. strange