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  1. Nokia PC Suit and Nokia 2280

    Nokia 2280 is a CDMA phone. and I got the suit from Nokia site.
  2. Effective R-Connect Speeds

    The speed varies from 80 kbps to 10 kbps but my problem is the connection hangs after a while, neither disconnecting and reconnecting as it is supposed to do Nor transmitting any data. If I manually disconnect and reconnect then it works for another 5-10 minutes and then the old story of connection without data transfer. hari
  3. Nokia PC Suit and Nokia 2280

    hi though reliance has claimed that the Nokia 2280 is synchrinisable with PC using a DKU-5 and Nokia PC Suit, when I connect my PC with the Nokia 2280 I get the message "Enhancements not supported". What should one do to make the synchronisation possible??? Dr. Hari