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  1. dude, infotel is Punjab based company of HFCL, as per i know , u can contact HFCL regarding this, By the way , ALL hay to Mukesh je for Giving poor Indian taste of 4G much before rest of the world. i m gonna waiting for the launch of 4G lte , with news now tablet , handset and voice calling
  2. yes Chandigarh and their satellite city fully access Reliance 3G HSPA+ network , signal shows on mobile is H . data speed is close to 6mbps
  3. and please clear one thing also, Docomo said during their press release , Voice will be HD voice over HSPA network , how much it different from normal UMTS codec
  4. so in clear term, WCDMA same as CDMA, there is only frequency difference between them
  5. CDMA always rocks , it is still the best tech to provide data service at very less spectrum , Look at MTS , they come with evdo , and people just like it I wonder Reliance is very slow on Evdo , even tata too, I think they think , EVDO dies when 3g comes (gsm)
  6. I do not think 3g will impact normal indian life , it will only impact rich inidan , because they can paay huge data related service fees , aam aadmi is just watching from side , my bet is on Telecom GOD , Mukesh Ambani , this man after losing his company , come back like Terminator Now terminator has improved a lot its T-1000( 4G) koch tu bhala hoga indian poor ka
  7. Guys , What about wimax, BSNL started wimax in Punjab region , they said one wimax tower has 17 KM Range , and i m using it , I have indoore CPE and i m 9 KM From wimax tower and get one bar inside my house and half bar outside my house , speed is 2mbps , i got 220 plan
  8. I think , in near future , they will get addition spectrum For 3G CDMA , but at a price may be auctioned route or 3G post price
  9. You are right, i checked it and open it , it did not have RUIM slot, I think i need a new CDMA handset, guys can u tell me a good cdma handset , just for Voice in between Rs 1000 range
  10. Can i used Any CDMA Unlock set with BSNL CDMA USIM I have Sprint CDMA LG Flap Handset , and it is unlocked
  11. Yes , In Punjab good Response to this scheme , even sim sell like hot cases , Not like Reliance a year ago. Signal quality of Reliance is same as Reliance , POORRRREEEEE
  12. Tata will not get any spectrum , becoz there is no more spectrum left in 1800Mhz , only 6 to 8 , and that is for future allocation to diffrent operator
  13. any idea when will these service goes paid in GSM
  14. I am also getting very quick message