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  1. dude, infotel is Punjab based company of HFCL, as per i know , u can contact HFCL regarding this, By the way , ALL hay to Mukesh je for Giving poor Indian taste of 4G much before rest of the world. i m gonna waiting for the launch of 4G lte , with news now tablet , handset and voice calling
  2. yes Chandigarh and their satellite city fully access Reliance 3G HSPA+ network , signal shows on mobile is H . data speed is close to 6mbps
  3. Doubt About 3G

    and please clear one thing also, Docomo said during their press release , Voice will be HD voice over HSPA network , how much it different from normal UMTS codec
  4. Doubt About 3G

    so in clear term, WCDMA same as CDMA, there is only frequency difference between them
  5. What Not To Expect From 3G

    CDMA always rocks , it is still the best tech to provide data service at very less spectrum , Look at MTS , they come with evdo , and people just like it I wonder Reliance is very slow on Evdo , even tata too, I think they think , EVDO dies when 3g comes (gsm)
  6. What Not To Expect From 3G

    I do not think 3g will impact normal indian life , it will only impact rich inidan , because they can paay huge data related service fees , aam aadmi is just watching from side , my bet is on Telecom GOD , Mukesh Ambani , this man after losing his company , come back like Terminator Now terminator has improved a lot its T-1000( 4G) koch tu bhala hoga indian poor ka
  7. Guys , What about wimax, BSNL started wimax in Punjab region , they said one wimax tower has 17 KM Range , and i m using it , I have indoore CPE and i m 9 KM From wimax tower and get one bar inside my house and half bar outside my house , speed is 2mbps , i got 220 plan
  8. I think , in near future , they will get addition spectrum For 3G CDMA , but at a price may be auctioned route or 3G post price
  9. BSNL Provide EVDO In SIM

    You are right, i checked it and open it , it did not have RUIM slot, I think i need a new CDMA handset, guys can u tell me a good cdma handset , just for Voice in between Rs 1000 range
  10. BSNL Provide EVDO In SIM

    Can i used Any CDMA Unlock set with BSNL CDMA USIM I have Sprint CDMA LG Flap Handset , and it is unlocked
  11. Yes , In Punjab good Response to this scheme , even sim sell like hot cases , Not like Reliance a year ago. Signal quality of Reliance is same as Reliance , POORRRREEEEE
  12. Docomo In Delhi Ncr ?

    Tata will not get any spectrum , becoz there is no more spectrum left in 1800Mhz , only 6 to 8 , and that is for future allocation to diffrent operator
  13. Free Missed Call Alert On Reliance Cdma

    any idea when will these service goes paid in GSM
  14. Free Missed Call Alert On Reliance Cdma

    I am also getting very quick message
  15. Std Pack 70 Now For 75

    No,Way , If Relaince wanna stay in market , they must keep traffic low , otherwise people are smart enough
  16. Reliance Introduced a new package called jadu-16 In which R2R 30paisa R2other 60 STD 1 R2R free on night(11am to 6am) Validity: 30days No talk time Another juggad from Reliance to click customer more and more
  17. Free Missed Call Alert On Reliance Cdma

    Relaince are not fool ha ha ha
  18. Rcom's Rs. 32 Sms Pack For Gsm Karnataka

    This packs are expensive , In Punjab circle i got 1000sms@25 in My CDMA Tata also gives out 1000@30 And HFCL (also a cdma player in Punjab) too gives out 1000sms @ 25 GSM sms packs are very high compared to cdma
  19. ^^ Dude Reliance network is totally edge enabled , but it also support GPRS ,if anybody have GPRS enabled handset. Anyway you seem to be new in Telecoms news now everybody selling Life-Long validity at Rs50 to 45. and later lifetime validity is come bundled with every operator. but you need to recharge atleast 200bucks after 6 month . I am happy with Reliance GSM network , ya some problem there , but you must understand that , Reliance create it's infrastructure in just 11 month. and provide Latest GSM with 3G ready equipment . that the benefit we gonna se ,during 3G wars , in which Reliance will have very big hand Reliance network is good according to spectrum , it has very less spectrum , but initially user were very high . and GSM frequency too are in 1800Mhz , that the reason reliance ****s in major part of India, but now day by day the trend reduce , due to continuous additional of BTS
  20. But , what i see in Punjab circle , Coverage is very good like a well established operator , Network on Railway is far better than any other operator , In Jallandhar Reliance switched on 4 to five tower more , after that there is no network problem , network busy , I think Reliance bet big on Reuse of spectrum ,
  21. I am happy with Reliance Incoming only , because , lot of my friend dump the Reliance Sim, so no Night calling and no on net 30/paisa call, so better continue with original 6 month validity , now remains 3 month more , well i think Reliance comes with more innovative plan later , Till than Bsnl best hai
  22. New Tariff Cutter Introduced For Gsm Subscribers

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ offcourse , your question is answer , yes boss
  23. getting too much contradiction as both are from chandigadh I am from Ropar, 40KM from Chandigarh , your website may has problem with city. Second saurav may or may not or from chandigarh Well Reliance is good for my town , Reliance has just 5 towers in entire my town includng villages or say around 10Km area is covered with just 5 towers , on the other hand Airtel has 10 towers . I am sure in coming month when more tower comes up , Reloance proved be the blockbuster , and Reliance has advantage to use spectrum again and again due to higher frequency of 1800 Mhz
  24. This is very good in Rel GSM ,it has very good network coverage in Punjab + Very good call quality , this things made me to addict it , For this to continues , i must buy a new Mobile