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  1. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    In Karnataka(bangalore) from morning incoming has started however i cannot find the Data (2g, 3g) not sure if it has something to do with my handset, can anybody from bangalore confirm ? also we still don't have 4G here and as per web world it will take another month.
  2. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    Nope i have removed reinserted SIM multiple times it does not help, appears that we may have to wait longer for the issue to be fixed from reliance side. My question is which LTE band is reliance using in Karnataka circle as my phone(LG G3 verizon) appears to have only LTE band 4(1700/2100) & 13(700), so i am doubtful if my LTE will be working, anyone can confirm ?
  3. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    In bangalore, i can now do outgoing call but still no incoming for me
  4. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    In Bangalore, finally after 3 days i can see the network however nothing works di Dont have Outgoing or either Incoming on my number and the signal which i am able to see is 2G, any one from bangalore please let me know the status. I am using Verizon LG G3 will that be a issue for 4g network ?
  5. Hi All, Just checking if anybody has Upgraded their Verizon LG G3 to marshmallow ? will like to know the Impact before proceeding to upgrade. Does the Voice and evdo Work after upgrade is the main Question. Also i have not got OTA is verizon SIM compulsory to get OTA ? Thanks, prafull
  6. Any way to get SPC on verizon motoG on 4.4.4 ?
  7. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Guys I have been trying to get Kitkat in my verizon S3 forlon, but im not getting DATA in CM based rom, please help me if anybody has data enabled on KK, I am bored of offical 4.3 and official 4.4 doesnt look like reality anytime soon.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Update your baseband, whats the current baseband version of ur phone ?
  9. Samsung Galaxy S3

    my Verizon S3 is on 4.3 but in NV mode, update the Baseband to ML1 to get the data.
  10. Samsung Galaxy S3

    @hiteshkkk1 did you tweaked anything to get data working on AOKP, i will love to have kitkat on my verizon s3 but facing issue with data. Even in official 4.3 im not getting Data
  11. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hey guys can anyone tell me how can I enable data in cm11. I installed kit kat on my Verizon s3 but data isn't working.
  12. Discounted/Free apps on Market/Play Store

    Purchased PowerAmp full version unlocker for just 63 rupees from google play, its one of the best music player in Android I feel.
  13. I disagree with the Review.. i purchased my 32" Toshiba from shopclues and had a great buying experience..
  14. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Does anyone recieved OTA in their Verizon S3, if yes please share the experience
  15. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    Try with a nokia phone and format the card...