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  1. LG RD 3510 Battery

    Battery going weak in 10 months is highly abnormal... unless your use is extremely heavy and you cycled the battery to death. Check your manual to see the warranty duration of the battery. Often it is lesser than the handset. Yeah I know its very unusual. My usage is around 60-90 mins of call time everyday more or less. And as far as cycling the battery to death is concerned, I recharge most of the time when it says low battery or when the bar is at 1.
  2. LG RD 3510 Battery

    Hello...I bought a RD3510 CDMA phone around 10 months back and now the battery seems to be dying. Is the battery under warranty? Where can i get it replaced, I am in Mumbai? If not, how much will a new battery cost, or is it better to replace the phone itself? thanks!
  3. Looking For A New Handset

    HSD ? You mean high speed date ? Well I wont be using data on it at all. And if I am spending 8.5k I may as well change to GSM as I can get really cool handsets in that price. Hows Samsung Mpower NX2...any idea ? Thanks!
  4. Looking For A New Handset

    Hello...I am looking for a new handset for my CDMA connection. Here in Mumbai at the webworld in my area(Malad West), they only have Samsung in the range I am looking at(5000-7000 rs). Any suggestions as to which Samsung handset I should go for? Thanks!
  5. Reliance Spams Its Mobile Users

    why cant they activate dnd by default on all new connections at-least. I got a new gsm sim, been getting spam as mentioned above...registered for DND but I have to endure the spam for another 45 days !
  6. what exactly can be done using this call manager. the brief is fine, but anyone can talk about first hand experience ?
  7. looks interesting. how to get this application ?
  8. Urgent, How To Activate Gprs ?

    after much haggling...customer care have sent the settings. it works now. thank u all for your inputs too.
  9. Urgent, How To Activate Gprs ?

    tried...didn't work ! :-( Your GPRS should be activated for these setting to work...try sending ALL to 55100 once again... if i had GPRS why would i need those manual settings. infact why would i even need to create this thread. the whole point is that GPRS is not getting activated at my end !
  10. Urgent, How To Activate Gprs ?

    tried...didn't work ! :-(
  11. Urgent, How To Activate Gprs ?

    no i have not. are the settings mentioned there the proper way to do it ? also that post is around 10 months old...is that still the best way 2 be done ?
  12. Urgent, How To Activate Gprs ?

    Hello...I recently took a new reliance gsm...how to activate gprs on it. I have sent a message "all" to 55100...been more than 2 days...still no reply from reliance. Is there any other way to do it ? I am using Nokia - e-71. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  13. hi, i have been using a LG instrument(first color phone flip model launched) since last many years). I also have a data cable for the same thru which i was using it to connect to R-Connect. Now that phone's end time has come and i am in need of a new phone thru which i can connect to R-Connect using a data cable. i need to buy the phone ASAP, preferably by today evening... any suggestions/advise would be appreciated... thanks!
  14. Coolpad/dual Sim Phone Not Available In Ww

    hi honest, you sure ? there wont be any compatibility problems ?
  15. Coolpad/dual Sim Phone Not Available In Ww

    i went to the webworld here in Chennai, they said only Coolpad is the dual sim handset which Reliance supports. Spice and Samsung they dont even sell, this despite the fact that Samsung dual sim is mentioned on the site itself. So the chances of using handsets from Fly etc, looks very remote to me. i may be wrong.