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  1. Gtran Problem With Pc-sync

    hey i think i have a solution for u my friend had the same problem.so we uninstalled the pc sync along with the driver and reinstalled the both.hey remember to change the usb port.i mean try another usb port.and there u go.
  2. Share Animated Wallpapers

    hey the best software to divide gif. files to bmp pics is irfanview available on net \
  3. 1237 Services for GTRAN

    in november end i got an sms from rim that new sms services starting on 1st december. also when i sms to 8888 and 7333(i.e indiatimes and rediff) i get reply as coming soon rich services on ur rim also if i sms RINGTONES on 1237 i get sms as thank u for taking part in 1237 services trial. what`s this all. are gtran users will be able to download java games or other services. please reply if anyone else knows anything about this waiting for reply vallabh(gtran user)