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  1. Message Sending Failed

    Anyone receiving error while sending sms. I am not able send sms and getting error "Message sending Failed" while sending sms. what to do?
  2. About Browsing

    well i have netconnect free but being charged for r world. so wap will be charged to me?
  3. About Browsing

    when we browse using a browser like Opera in phone (like Nokia 6275), is it through R world or Netconnect ?
  4. New Nokia 6275 @ 9,750

    6275 is easily available at 9900. i bought it with bill. and about battery time charging i want to share with u regarding that the charger we get with 6275 supplies 350mA current thats y it takes 3 hour to charge if u charge ur ph with N73 charger which supplies current at 1 A it will take 1 hour to complete charging.