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  1. Airtel Broadband Speed

    Tried, but din work. Gud for ya , if it works for u.
  2. Invites Thread

    I really want 2 thank u again racoon, i thanked u 1st in the pm i sent u.
  3. Invites Thread

    can anyone please help me with a demonoid invite. I am really desperate for it. pm or email (manishgids@yahoo.co.in) me please if u have any to spare. Thnx guyz.
  4. hey ppl, it's been about 3 months now that my sch-191 broke down due to some techinical problem(relating to pda). any way, i had filed a claim for the same, the samsung and ww ppl told me that i had 2 courier some originals and i would recieve 75% of my repair cost. i followed the whole process . But it has been 3 months now but still no answer for national india insurance co. I asked the ww and cc for the cantact no.s of the co. but to my dissapointment either all the no's are not reachable(dats when u switch off ur rim) or the bell goes on and no one picks up. also to my amazment the office of knowladge city hasn't been listed anywhere on national insurance co. site. I really need help coz around 5k of mine are stuck it would be a gr8 favor if any 1 tries. thnx
  5. I was jus makin some calls n then a battery low signal came, i put it on the cradle and disconnected the call after talking with hands free for some time. Suddenly all the signals went out, thought they would comeback but din't. switched it off then on, the message came,SERVICE REQUIRED, Contact provider. i reset the phone but no help, tried changing the roaming settings also When i switch it off then on, sumtimes it gets recption the afet 30 sec or so, the reception goes off. EDIT- i've already tried doning soft and hard resets
  6. How 2 Dispose Off E-waste?

    hey every1 i jus wanna know how to dispose off/ get rid off stuff which can't exactly b put to garbage can. for example currently lying deep down inside in my cupboard are 2 unrepairable phones( samsung n191 n lg phone which reliance had in starting) and broken but usable samsung slim battery no 1 wants em n i don wanna keep em, wat 2 do?
  7. How 2 Dispose Off E-waste?

    i din think u got me. By waste i mean totally unrepairable or non usable.
  8. Kyocera 7135 - The Complete Guide...

    ashok, first of all thanx for this excellent post. U really amazed me with ur capabilities. i believe the perfect title is "fix ur kyocera at home" anyway dude plz help me out aswell as my kyo is lying dead with srcp message n also a new addition is that my phone only starts with charger on, maybe some fault with battery connectors as well also, im aware alot of people would have queries about how to fix srcp, so i was wondering if u could record the video conferencing and put it up on youtube or someplace else for others like me 2 see??
  9. First a lil brief about my self, i've been wid reliance since it started (dapo) n now currently in prepaid and soon to switch over to gsm aswell. My first phone was samsung sch n191( dead motherboard) next was lg 6000( the best looking in rim), later kyocera(my biggest mistake coz it just went kaboom after 1 month, n still remains lifeless wid me coz no one wants to purchase it and im not to keen on gettin it repaired) and now the samsung slim(second hand) Now back to the topic. hope u read the thread about the launch of Razr Cdma next week. i know u all must be excited once again, previously being in the case of nokia 6255(first bluetooth on cdma) , kyocera 7135 and the ever awaited nokia 6265. But the case ain't same wid me, blame it on my luck with rim or whateva. hope the following points make it clear. 1.Difficulties in reselling the handsets. The biggest flaw reliance has is that the handsets are network locked and cannot be sold further easily. This may not be much prevelant for low priced handsets but in case of high end phones this problem is just intrinsic. i've been to the very famous gaffar market, delhi just to find out that the only phones which are traded are for less than 1000 bucks. (even i got a samsung slim for 550 bucks ) But the point is that in this era of ever changing technology we do have to consider the resale price of handsets and lets just face it phones(cdma) launched in india are not even a blurred image compared to the phones in other cdma markets so why spent so much for these outdated handsets. 2. Brand image of motorola. Motorola has not been able to set up a good brand name in the indian cdma market as compared to that of others due to poor quality of its handsets and not having a good network of authorised service centres. And mind the after ales serivice provided by ASC's does matter alot, i've learnt it the hard way from my mistake of purchasing kyocera 7135 which still remains lifeless. Even the previous model of motorola v730 was a disaster. From what i read here, almost every piece contained software problem and was subject to replacement. I am not still sure of this and am not aware if there was a possible bug fix later on. 3. Why did the Razr sold like hot cakes?? Was it the slim n sexy design, was it the various colors( black, pink, silver) or the brand of motorola??? The answer acc to me is NO, it only sold because of the massive cut in its price, mind u it launched for 30k n above and back then it was a complete failure just like the nokia 8800 which was only meant for the Look Concious. But i do appreciate the razr v3i which contained the external memory, just what it exactly reqd. 4. Inconsistency or rather clever sales techniques on part of rim regarding its schemes. Well we've all been there and expirienced it atleast once or maybe 1000 of times. Its no secret that reliance has always kept changing its schemes which we always used to simply love. And the younger Ambani is more keen on getting revenues rather than customer satisfaction(u can browse the unlimeted posts made by rim members) perfect examples for above point can be the withdrawal of rs 55 sms unlimited, 440 voucher, on-net packs, change in india card schemes,180 sms card etc, etc, etc........ 5. Gsm as a substitute Well as the trend i see it the customer base(including me) is shifting again towards the earlier generation technology ie Gsm. even they provide competent rates like airtel-airtel 10p, 1500 local sms on hucth two 2 talk and many more. And the handsets!!!!!!!!! the are just like fantasies or science fictions for the cdma users. The most advanced handet in cdma(india), according to me is nokia 6255 priced at 12800 and in gsm i can get a nokia 6600 for 10000/- or better yet pay a 1000 bucks more to get black nokia 6681(my next phone ).even the Nokia 6265 is going to be priced more than its gsm twin and doesn't even have symbian base. But, But, But but we still can't leave reliance can we? , yeah lets face it it does offer cheapest calls and does have a excellent coverage and the free roaming(dunno how long that will last) That's the prime reason im not leaving reliance altogether.Also i believe reliance has huge untapped potential and also i think that lil ambani would now focus on cdma again now that he has been denied to use both cdma n gsm together Possible solution???? For people like me who need to make std to that special someone and are totally sick of reliance but can't afford the gsm call rates do what i do. Me n my gf both hav rim prepaid she used to recharge wid 330 and i wid 1100. Now i've purchased a hutch connection n now i'll recharge her cell wid 1100 n rs 90 recharge for my rim(lifetime incomin in installments) and 330 amount for my hutch along with hutch two to talk voucher for rs 60 for 1500 local sms free and half the call rates. Effective increase in cost per moth comes out to be 90 if u don wan free sms which i know many of us cann easily afford. But it has a negative point of keepin 2 handsets but not compared to fact that i hav always dreamed of havin a high tech phone(imagine the loads of softwares n ringtones im gonna put ) FINALLY I CONCLUDE THAT ITS NOT WORTH INVESTING IN HIGH PRICED CDMA HANDSETS. The above topic is meant for a discussion n i would appreciate it if you would pool inur thoghts as well.
  10. Airtel-to-airtel Local To Cost 15p Per Min

    all my friends make airtel to airtel call at 10 paise... n wat bout rims 495 recharge which offers calls at 15p n free at nite?
  11. Oxigen Outlet

    In brief, oxigen machines provide printouts of almost all paper vochers of all major players. Hence dealer doesn't hav to keep any inventory and customer doesn't have to wait for stock availability. In case of rim it is extremely useful in gettin india cards, 495 vouchers etc whose availability is extremely volatile. But otherwise e-recharge is now more popular due to ease of selecting the value to be recharged unlike oxigen, who give only paper vouchers.
  12. Please Advise A Gsm Handset

    Dude jus go for the Black 6681 for jus 14k. its 1.3 mega pixel n symbian 60. the only diff b/w 6680 n 6681 is that its non 3g n doesn't have a dual camera. Also if ur a techie don go for motorola at all. i know v3i is a superb handset but u can't fiddle much with (softwares n all) jus go for nokia. u'll never go for anything else again
  13. Motorola CDMA Razr V3c

    well the article says both v3 n v3i would be extended, so guess it would even though im skeptical about dis. Hey it jus occured to me imagine a kewl Black Razr cdma n a huge rim logo below the external screen like in the kyo 7135. Man it would totally ruin the look!!!
  14. @khs 123- i think there is a scheme on hutch postpaid where u get monthly 1000 mins free 2 any hutch.
  15. Motorola CDMA Razr V3c

    well lts jus hope that rimdoesn't make a crap out of dis handset by locking its gud features
  16. Motorola CDMA Razr V3c

    well akshat, i am aware of the threads goin on and a daily user of rimweb ( even though not much of a poster) and secondly the thread u are referring to contains all UNOFFICIAL informations similar to nokia 6265 thread. i am not judging the authenticity of info on part of the sources of users or the users themselves. But these posts are more of predictions or wishful thinking which don't have a established supportive base. The prime reason of me to post this topic was because of the degree of assurance brought by Economic Times which does preceed over the vague predictions. i don't meant to be rude or offensive, have a nice day and do take good care of urself.
  17. Motorola CDMA Razr V3c

    Source - Economic Times Now, Moto Razr on CDMA platform Joji Thomas Philip NEW DELHI COME next week, the ultra slim Moto Razr, the handset that has been credited with the turnaround in Motorola’s fortunes in India, will be available in the CDMA platform. The company is in the final stages of working out a bundling arrangement with both Tata Teleservices and Reliance Communications for the launch of the CDMA Razr in the country. The launch of the CDMA version will also see Motorola become the first handset vendor to have tie-ups with all private service providers on both technological platforms — currently, it has an agreement with Bharti Airtel for its C117, with Hutchison Essar for C113 and a tie-up with Idea Cellular for C114. GSM users of Moto Razr have a choice of two models — V3 and the V3i, priced at about Rs 9,500 and Rs 12,000, respectively. Company exec utives said that both these models would be extended to CDMA customers too on the same price platform. Following this, Motorola also plans to enter the music phone segment with the launch of the Moto “Rokr”, which is slat ed to enter India in the next quarter, com pany executives added. The company may however be a touch late with its en try into the MP3 phones segment as Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson have already launched dedicated music phones here. The only edge that the “Rokr” holds is that it will play dig ital music using the very famil iar iTunes interface and it also syncs quickly and easi ly with iTunes on one’ computer. Meanwhile Motorola, on Tuesday an nounced a com prehensive memo randum of under standing with Indian Institute of Technol ogy to strengthen its research and devel opment initiatives in the country.
  18. Porting Linux On Ipod

    Google for Rockbox. i've using it for about 2 weeks in my ipod video. Loads of additional games and other plugins. however, i keep switching the user interface when listening only songs coz high bit rate songs tend to skip on rockbox. Otherwise i jus luv it, u can play doom, have themes and custom WPS(while playing screen) n a lot more.
  19. K822 - Expected Soon....

    i've already learnt my lesson the hard way coz of my 7135. guyz don go for phones not having good service centres as well as brand image or goodwill.
  20. Kyocera 7135 Service Centre In Delhi

    i had been to the rajouri garden serivce centre. actually it was a service centre of samsung, panasonic and nokia also. the name is asian electronics. add is listed on the rim site.
  21. no i never did that, i had entered spc using 111111 earlier jus to change my directory no. as mentioned in other thread, nothing more than that.
  22. plz elaborate, i couldn't undestand u.
  23. ITS FINALLY WORKING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now before u get ur hopes high its still unusable. The most amazing ting happened i switched on my kyo 7135 after a week or so and i finally got full reception. i thought it'll just go off after a few sec but it din't. although i still can't make any call, i mean whenever i dial any no. the call get's dissconnected after a sec the only no which are working are *228 and *229. and if i try calling my no i get a "phone is switched off message" can't even send/recieve messages. BUT I ATLEAST DONT SEE THAT MESSAGE OF DEATH --- "SERVICE REQUIRED CONTACT PROVIDER" Plz guyz pour in ur thoughts to make my phone get back to life....... PLEEZ p.s i tried going into the service programming menu( to change my dir no. as it got erased during hard reset) but whenever i click on programming it just shows "reading parameters" and eventually i have to reset it.
  24. guyz this final dat im quittin reliance due to numerous experiences. my set still shows the same srcp message. any 1 willing to purchase dis handset den plz pm me. u can get it repaired and sell it further or jus use the pda. i assure that the pda is working perfectly.