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  1. @Guru Gopal ji, Any truth in this?
  2. Update from Kerala Circle: CDMA SIM deactivated yesterday evening and 4G SIM activated instantly. All Incoming and Outgoing calls and SMS is working. Balance carried forward. Top up recharges through Freecharge works on selecting Reliance CDMA. Got promo 150 Min valid for one month. Balance getting deducted at 1p/1s from promo bal. Not sure if base tariff which was 50p/min has got changed. At present only 2G data available. Promo Data of 1GB on 2G with validity of one month is credited.
  3. I registered twice for invite on jio site, but didn't receive it yet.
  4. as per this there is no VOLTE support yet on Moto X Play
  5. @Gopal ji one qn, If some one invites you, is there a time period for activation? i.e does your invite get expired if not activated within a specified time?
  6. ^ I'm not using CDMA on RN3... Currently on Airtel 4G
  7. hey... RN3 owners, are you guys facing any issue with WiFi? From the latest update to 7.2.5, I am facing strange issues with WiFi. RN3 shows its connected to WiFi, but network data transfer is not happening. All the apps say "No network". At times there is data transfer but very very slow at 1 KB/s or so... Any one facing this issue? Without WiFi its impossible to use a phone Update: Did a few restarts of RN3, changed SSID Broadcast to "Yes" and restarted router. Now WiFi back to normal. I am not sure if this is the reason. But there definitely was a problem in the morning. Other devices connected to the router was working fine.
  8. ^ Band 5 not supported
  9. ^ no updates available on my device. Its on 7.2.3
  10. ^ Redmi Note 3 supports VOLTE
  11. Bought the 32GB variant in the last sales. The phone is good and worth the price. A few missing stuffs... 1. MiUi - I still prefer the stock android experience 2. No multi user support in MiUi out of the box - not many will need this. But it was most important to activate whatsapp on two SIMs.
  12. The key here is The sales of Lyf is not the actual retail sales... It's just the shipment to dealers.
  13. NOPE! Still showing 'Maintenance Mode' page. It was up yesterday.. There was not much change except they changed the FWP model to GSM FWP. Everything else the same.