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  1. But that is exactly the problem, it will not be economic to provide LTE network in rural areas with low user density. That is why nobody else other than Jio is depending only on VoLTE. And that is why the Jio launch is ever delayed. I had a call from a Reliance person requesting not to port out. She said that voice problems will be solved in one month! But she did not have an answer as to how.
  2. VoLTE of Jio also seems to suffer from poor coverage based on what some users have reported. While 4G coverage is OK for urban areas, I don't think it is viable for .rural areas with low number of users. Wherever 4G network is not available, VoLTE will fail. They might be having fallback on RCom 3G network - but that is not exactly a fallback! VoLTE seems to require costly phones, so will it ever replace the 2G network? For rural areas, CDMA was best, one could cover large areas with less number of towers. Very sorry to see it go. Oh, what do I do with all those CDMA phones, we had 4 in the family...
  3. With 4g network, i find that when the signal is only three bars, I am not getting SMSes. When the signal goes up, then the SMSes start coming. So now I go outside when I am waiting for an SMS from bank, etc. Also when talking over the phone, I am able to hear but the other party does not hear my voice. After getting fed up, I sent an SMS to port out and got the code within a few minutes.
  4. Yes, the device has a micro USB port. Anyway, internet through 4G/LTE has started here, and I am happy with the speeds, so I don't have to port out my Wipod!
  5. The speed test results are shown above. Since I did not check earlier, I don't have data to compare, but the speed is much better than EVDO, that is sure. I do not have a 4G phone. I am not sure buying it will work, because as far as I know, Rcom does not support VoLTE. Daily I am getting so many SMSes due to missed call alert. If this continues, I have no option but to port out. My only hope is that 2G signal strengths will improve, once the CDMA towers close down and get converted to 2G.
  6. My CDMA Wipod stopped working - yellow light was blinking continuously. I switched on my new 4G/LTE Wipod, and lo it got connected! (Kerala, Calicut) I am making this post through this connection. Signal LED is green showing good strength. Speed seems to be good, I don't know how to measure. But my 3G phone is showing only weak signal. I hope it will pick up once the CDMA converters get connected.
  7. I had purchased ZTE WiPod Model WD670 which uses a 4G SIM. Currently I am getting internet through my CDMA WiPoD AC70, purchased only a few months back after my old Netsetter was not recognizable by my computer. Can this device (WD670) work with 4G SIMs of other operators?
  8. I am unable to recharge through Myservices, the numbers that were shifted from CDMA Prepaid to 4G. The denomination is not available message appears. For the older GSM numbers, there is a list of options coming up, but not for the shifted numbers. Anybody face the same problem?
  9. I am finding Rel 2G not getting connected from my home about 20 to 30% time. Is there any chance of improvement perhaps after CDMA is completely closed? My CDMA Wipod is still working, and the new 4G wipod is showing no signal (Kerala, Calicut) so CDMA is still not switched off. I had tried Idea and Airtel in between, but they also have the same problem. Is it possible to use a signal enhancer? The cheaper ones (< Rs2000/-) at Amazon, customer feedback is that they do not work. The good ones cost Rs 20,000/-. Any suggestions?
  10. From Kerala, Calicut Today morning from 6:00 AM I was not able to make or get any calls. CDMA signal was showing available. I had set Call forwarding in case number not reachable, but forwarding was not taking place. I tried the new 4G SIM but it showed network not found. About 1:00 PM, I tried the new SIM and lo, it was working. After a few minutes, the call alert SMSs all came together, about 25 of them! My phone is not 4G, hence I don't know if 4G is working. Since it is postpaid, I don't know about balance carry forward.
  11. Once again, without my making any request, on 21/07/2012 I got an SMS: "You have been successfully subscribed to Astro service at Rs 49.00 for 30 days. To unsubscribe SMS Unsub 2661 to 155223 (Toll Free)." Of course, an amount of Rs 49.00 was deducted from my prepaid balance. The next day, I sent an SMS Unsub 2661 to 155223, and I got a reply: "You have been successfully subscribe from Astro service." But I continued to get Astro messages, which itself was a source of much annoyance. The same day (22/07/2012) , I sent an email to customercare@relianceada.com but it bounced: "Your message Subject: Subscription to Value Added Service without request. was not delivered to: Talisma.Custcare@relianceada.com because: Error delivering to Talisma Custcare/Services/INFOCOMM/RIL; Router: Database disk quota exceeded" So I waited one more day and sent the same mail. This time, I got an acknowledgement and after two days the reply: "Thank you for contacting Reliance Customer Care. This is with reference to your e-mail regarding vas related. We regret for the inconvenience caused in this regard. Kindly note that, your compliant has been registered vide Service Request ID #### and the same will be processed within 2days. ..." Finally, I find that the deducted amount has been refunded! I can't make out why this sort of thing is happening repeatedly. I have registered for DND also the last time. But still I continue to get SMS messages like: "This monsoon watch babes dripping wet on the beach! Get their images now!" Any suggestions to prevent such occurrences?
  12. Here is what happened: At first, I got a message "Your SR No.____ has been processed. Thank you for being with Reliance." When I checked my balance, there was no change. Soon after, I got another message: "Please let us know if you are satisfied with the resolution of last service request reply yes else no (toll free) I sent an SMS back "No". After a few hours when I checked my balance, about 50% of the amount deducted has been restored. But there was no explanation of how the deduction was made or any details of how the remaining amount was consumed.
  13. I also have experienced subscription to services without my consent, and reduction of balance due to reasons unknown. After reading the above posts, I have complained to customercare, and also activated DND. I'll report what happens.
  14. Thank you for the settings. Just bought a GSM SIM and I was able to connect to the net from my notebook using Samsung DUOS W259. (I had not been able to connect earlier from my CDMA SIM).
  15. Recently purchased the 6275. Everything is as expected, except not able to use NetConnect. Followed the instructions on this site and tried to connect. After the screen "Verifying username and password", it gets disconnected with error code 718. Phone gives message Data call ended. Calling to *333 did not get any help. Any suggestions?