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  1. Linking Lyf mobile to router

    Use any wifi router with wireless bridge feature, or use openwrt and use wifi as wan port and connect tethered n/w to it cheapest openwrt router TPlink 841 version 11 it cost around 1000
  2. LG Sprit ms870 metro PCS can be unlock to use any CDMA OMH, tested with reliance Data and Voice working Steps 1. Calculate the SPC code using the calculator attached 2. Install the driver attached 3.connect usb as LG software mode and debugging enabled 4.Open DFS 5.send SPC 6 Change mode to RUIM only and write then restart the phone 7. Voila , ur LG Spririt is OMH ready LG Driver https://www.dropbox.com/s/fmk7o46gov8k76o/LG-Mobile-Driver_v3.10.1.exe MetroPCS MSL_SPC Code Calculator.rar
  3. Guys, Good news, guaranteed solution, tested on S3 USC any version above 4.3 This Works on Note 3 and Note 4 with data issue Data Voice Everything working Jus Swap ur number to a sim card series RGERUC0007xxxxxx (Will not work on other series) It will work by default no further tweaks required Those who have this series of sim with them pls donate
  4. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Yes we can, for which model you are looking ? Samsung S2 sprnt
  5. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Can we change Non RUIM phones to RUIM , by adding sim slot like samsung s2 sprint
  6. I too know that, but it started working for RCOM CDMA, may be it triggers some thing
  7. Try adding apn rcomnet user name net password net, working for me
  8. Mtorola droid Razr M no data after 4.4.2 update in reliance pls help
  9. reliance data card activation

    use ur personal id like voter id adhar passport, with your home address, if company name is there u should provide all the docs they asked, and u r home address should be a post paid area
  10. Apple Announces iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C

    Can any one suggest reliable IPhone 5c UK Orange unlock provider
  11. One Click Root Tool For Motorola Razr M, Razr HD & Electrify M

    Thank You, successfully rooted electrify 2 and debloated, free memmory (RAM) increased as 400 MB pretty fast now
  12. One Click Root Tool For Motorola Razr M, Razr HD & Electrify M

    thank you , my maild id is anvaralicp@rediffmail.com,
  13. One Click Root Tool For Motorola Razr M, Razr HD & Electrify M

    can u upload in drop box and share the link or in here click on more reply options u can find attach file
  14. One Click Root Tool For Motorola Razr M, Razr HD & Electrify M

    How to root electrify 2 4.1.2 and debloat, cant see com port after installing , pls help
  15. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Hi, I got a Samsung S3 Verizone, it work with Reliance OMH only data, voice is not working , saying switched off while calling, pls help
  16. Guide: Unlock LG Spirit MS870 MetroPCS To Work With OMH CDMA SIM

    LOL, i never noticed that, im doing first time with MetroPCS, thanks
  17. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Write MIN and MDN using ##SPC##
  18. Call Conference Trick On Motorola Droid 2 & Droid 2 Global

    Can any body help me on 3 Way Calling in Samsung and HTC foreign handsets, like S3,S2 Note 2 and 3 and other android phones unable to do 3 way calling (merging calls) i have read abt replacing Secphone.apk but i cant see the apk in system/app folder pls help me guys
  19. Guide: Unlock LG Spirit MS870 MetroPCS To Work With OMH CDMA SIM

    SPC will not read in DFS, u can use the calculator attached commom for all MetroPCs
  20. For base 4.1.2 ie MD4, enable usb debugging and open command prompt, give command 'adb reboot nvrestore' and phone will boot upto Samsung logo. Remove battery and press power+home+volume down to enter download mode. Use R530LG1 tar in Odin 'PDA' tab and your phone will be on 4.0.4 with working data. pls note never upgrade it to beyond 4.1.2 after this, u will never get data and u cant downgrade due to knox
  21. I was working on flashing my brand new never-activated S3 and became across the same issue with DFS not recognizing my S3. Here is my 100% working solution!!! It is working with Note 3 too Step By Step. Instructions. 1. Put your S3 out of DIAG MODE, ---DIAL##3424# -Select PDA, MTP + ADB. Then press back button all the way to homescreen. 2. Reboot phone. 3. Once your phone is back, put your S3 in DIAG MODE again. ----DIAL ##3424# Select CDMA MODEM, DM+MODEM+ADB. Then press back button all the way to homescreen. Plug it in, give it a second. And tada, DFS detects your S3 as an online device. I'm guessing Samsung limited the number of times you can plug in your phone and read/write programming settings, to 1 per boo
  22. How to get your MSL/SPC of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Hi, I made sprint note 3 to OMH working , SMS and voice is not working I have NC5 Bootloader and i have flashed NC5 engg boot loader still data not working, pls help me RUIM is working SMS and Voice but no data I have NC5 Javed bhai, u getting data now, Im also in the same boat RUIM Voice is working but no data Kindly help me out im not getting data, im NC5 and flashed with engg bootloader , Voice is working
  23. hey guys im an old memeber here but came after a long gap, i had a problem i got one s3 530 usc with 4.1.2 Md4 baseband working evdo and 1x , i have accidently upgraded to 4.3 and now the modem is mja and my mobile data is not working, is there any chance to get the mobie data in MJA or downgrade to md4, using NV by registering meid is working ???? can any body help