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  1. ^^^ yes thats the only way to know that you've exhausted your quota of free mins. Precise info will not be available thru any other means I think
  2. Best Network In Delhi?

    Go for Vodafone. They may be a bit expensive in their tariffs but they are the best in Delhi by a country mile.
  3. Heating Issues On BlackBerry 8530 With TATA

    Most likely you phone's motherboard's conked up. I had a similar problem with my BB and the heating can me explained either by a puffed battery or a faulty motherboard. Best would be to take it to a service center and get it confirmed
  4. best is to call up CC and get a code from them. I had this same thing couple of weeks ago. I sent the msg all day without getting a reply. Than finally got it from the CC and than in the night at around 12:30 I got the sms !!!!!!!!
  5. In my experience of the Samsung Epic 4G the EVDO usage will dramatically reduce your battery atleast it does on the Samsung Epic .................... Sometimes with heavy surfing I find the Battery dosent even last for 8 to 10 hrs !!!!
  6. @ Greens - Is this MNP PCW 199 Corporate Plan on RCDMA or Vodafone?
  7. Well the idea is to first buy one use it and than go for the second bigger one. I'll prefer to keep both the TVs of the same brand but if I'm unhappy with the first i'll obviously look for an alternative for the bigger version. The think is that my family members are a stuck on SONY coz of the legacy and thus are aversive to Samsung but if Samsung's are considerably good than I can convince them to change their opinion. Any further info would be great from members. I've also been told by a very learned source that 80% of the components in Sony are from Samsung so I'm a bit perplexed about it ..... more infor or help needed !!! Thanks in advance.
  8. I need help from fellow members as to what TV would be ideal as far as brand and technology is concerned. I need a 32 or 40 inch TV for 1 room and 46 or 55 inch TV with home theater for another.I want to keep the brand of both the TVs same to get proper discounts and services. I've shortlisted Sony or Samsung LED for these but am thoroughly confused where what would be appropriate i.e. LCD/LED or Plasma and is there any other brand i should consider. Also I'm planning to use Tata Sky HD+ with these TVs so pls suggest accordingly. Awaiting your suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  9. Go with the 9630 hands down its a work horse phone. I still miss it having shifted to 9650. Go for the tour without hesitation. You won't regret it plus its battery capacity is much bigger the than 8530 so you wont have to worry abt the battery too !
  10. The Megapixel Myth

    Sorry for going off topic but could anyone please tell me whats the best entry level SLR camera for a beginner? I want to buy one but am absolutely clueless about cameras and want a camera which is pocketable and has good photo output. Thanks in advance to everyone !!!!!
  11. Blackberry BBPRS599 Plan

    Its not a special scheme its a recently launched scheme. I just got activated it on my BB. I called the CC and they told me that a full service BB plan is now available for Rs. 599/- per month.
  12. I just wanted to know from fellow members if any one had success in getting back the deposit amount in RCDMA after they've ported out the number to another operator. I've 3 RCDMA which I've ported out to Vodafone and 2 of them have a deposit of Rs. 2000/- and 1 has a credit balance of almost Rs. 4000/- after they adjusted the deposit for the final payment on their last bill. I've tried looking for this info but couldn't find it anywhere so am starting this topic. Also if someone has tried getting back the deposit pls share your experience and kindly guide ppl like me. Awaiting replies. Thanks in advance to everyone who shares their views.
  13. I too am facing the same problem in Vadodara where the DOCOMO keeps shifting from DOCOMO to Videocon frequently. Docomo's a big let down here in Gujarat. It somehow means that no matter how much we get excited about new operators the old Trio Vodafon, Idea and Airtel are the best in Guj in that order. Also RCDMA dosen't disappoint here in Gujarat too
  14. BlackBerry BIS Service & Other Mode of Internet Access

    Blackberry is prefered when your email usage is high. Adroid and Iphone give you email but their access with be through GPRS or EDGE which till the launch of 3G is slow and copared to EVDO of CDMA. The data plans for Iphone are much expensive than BB or Android where for Rs. 299/- per month you get unlimited excess to emails via your BB Unlocked GSM BB are available in abudance through and mobile phone shop or operators and they will work fine with BB service. you can easily configure your gmail, yahoo or any other email service via BB emails service. For general internet access BB turns out to be cheaper compared to Iphone. Just google Blackberry vs. android vs iphone for opinions on the internet. Bottomline: If its emails that you want BB is the best device and the range of handsets in the market are much more than that in CDMA which are only sold through CDMA operators. Check the internet for more details
  15. BlackBerry 9650 BIS Issue

    Sorry to be barging into your topic but I'm confused how come you've gotten an official BB 9650 from reliance? Every month since last 6 months i've been asking reliance whether they've launched this phone and all the time they said it hasn't been launched !!!! After reading your post I called up BB CC and they confirmed that the phone's been launched but they were clueless about the price !!!! On checking the website there isn't a single mention of the phone even in the BB section of www.rcom.co.in. Plus there isn't a special BB9650 thread on this forum as well !!! Can someone pls confirm at approx what price will I be able to get it here in Vadodara Guj? Thanks in advance and again apologies to the original poster to have gone off topic !!!!!!