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  1. Browsing On Nokia 6265 Using Bluetooth Dongle

    Some times NETCONNECT is not activated default on your handset.It happ same to me as well.. Try calling customer care and ask for activation if the same user name/pass problem do exists..
  2. How To Achieve Good Speeds ?

    Hi, I have a Nokia 3155 CDMA connection. I want to use RCONNECT for this..I am right now using pinging method for this.But is not achieving the good speeds you people mentioned in the forum.. I purchased the original CA-53 cable for my nokia phone... Please guide me how can I achieve good speeds so that I can use my voip phone to connect to Internet.. Every one say RELIANCE is best in terms of Internet in CDMA ... Waiting for valuable suggestions/feedback from the gurus... Sarath
  3. Hey Ankite or Vishal, Please let me know whether my N191 supports QCP ringtone format... And how to use this QCP format to send as MMS .. Can any one let me know try uploading the same in www.mooload.com Thanks Sarath
  4. Ringtones For Samsung SCH N191

    How do i upload these tones to my samsung phone?? any special software needed,, please let me know. thanks
  5. Ringtones For Samsung SCH N191

    But how do I upload it to my phone... Sarath
  6. Nokia Gsm Mobiles

    I suggest you to go for NEC 313 model... Good phone with built in MP3 player, Rotating camera and Video player as well as recorder. http://www.nec.co.uk/e313_3G_Device.aspx Thanks Sarath
  7. Tarrifs: Other Operators Vs. Reliance

    HI Bored Brother I have a Hutch corporate plan with me It is offered only to Accenture Employees Local 200 Mins free IUC charges 30 paisa STD 200 mins free IUC charges 50 paisa To land lines (any where in India) 1.50/min After 200 mins Mobile STD -->1.76 Land STD --2.25/min Monthly Rental 349 I can take N number of connections on my name Thanks Sarath
  8. New Logo

    I doubt whether we have legal rights to use Reliance forum Logo.... Any comments appreciated. Sarath
  9. Gtran Rocks, Boys !

    It is waste upgrading ay phone since this phone should be used only for reliance. better to buy a GSM phone with cam so that it can be used for any handsets. We can't use this phone for any other network like Tata Thanks Sarath
  10. Shock Of My Life !

    what abt email with 2GB space.. It was started already but they have closed the signups and they are making some changes to their services for improving perfomance www.aventuremail.com bellamkonda <at> aventuremail.com Sarath
  11. Is Samsung N191 Available ?

    It was with drawn because samsung had put a case in the court saying that reliance had not payed the money to them after reliance lost so many handsets in 501 scheme with fake billing addresses Sarath
  12. World's 1st 2gb Email Service

    Hi Friends, Found a email service with whooping 2GB... www.aventuremail.com THanks Sarath
  13. Hutch Is The Best For Me

    Yeah I got my connection activated already. This is the last month I am going to use reliance.
  14. Hutch Is The Best For Me

    we got everything in written and we have been sent a doc file to clear our doubts. And even a separate cell for Accenture had been put from Hutch Sarath
  15. Bitpim Sync Errors

    Hi Friends, I have tried N number of times with my datacable and my reliance handset.I really dunno what is happening. I need help from guys or gals .Anybody from bangalore can help me in uploading MI2 ringtone for me in my handset.Plzzzzzzz Email me bellamkonda@hugemail.com Thanks Sarath