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  1. Google V/s The Best Companies In The World

    yup & and you know what i think "google office" is not that far away 44368[/snapback] see some links..below to know why we are expecting google office. http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/09/29/000223&tid=126 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_websites_using_Ajax most of the guys are using gmail. but little may know is based on all new concept AJAX originially developed by microsoft. at time of release IE 4.0 M$ guys introduced this concept. this will eventually alter the way we using internet currently. WEB2.0 is waiting at horizon.
  2. Dear Friends, Our associated company in USA requires urgently JAVA and .NET experts. I'm with RIMWeb since long so taken chance to post requirement here. This requirement is from good company so H1B visa is easy... Any one interested pls sends me your resume to niket@nexusneo.com within shortest time possible. Best Regards Niket Patel For NexusNeo System & Exim Pvt. Ltd. Note: Please ask any query to e-mail ID given. You must send your resume with work experience detail. << Approved >>

    Thanks ... to all.
  4. No Data Transfer On Fedora Core 3

    new version of "rconnect-cmdline" has bug , u need to setup dns manually if you wish to use that way instead see post sugested by vishal. and ya, coz of bug in vendor provided software do not means linux can't do things. r-connects can work very good in any version/flavor of linux. keep exploring ..
  5. Bsnl Dataone

    Now this beats me and I start thinking "is something wrong with the MS Excel loaded on my computer?" I did the following calculation using "Bill Gates" Excel: 85MB/256kbps = 332.03 seconds < 6 minutes. You should have taken only 6 minutes to download 85MB download .... why 44 minutes ... was the speed far less than 256kbps on an average (or should I sue Bill Gates for the mental agony caused to me due to errors in his product) ? 32964[/snapback] Bill Gates things are only good to calculate profits.. dude .
  6. Bsnl Dataone

    WebWorld gives good speed at some specific time of day. anyways web world is not good for office work. I opted for 1200 business scheme of DataOne. so 4GB download is more than enough for me. as speed is more important then download limit for my case. BSNL appointed CRM's specially for DataOne u can call them on their cell phone at any time when there is problem. only after 3 days I can't say on reliability but will post my expriance. P.S pls see attached file for speed test performed at adslguide.org.uk
  7. Bsnl Dataone

    well, I first inquired at Reliance before opt for Dataone but I don't think reliance will start in near future in my city.
  8. Bsnl Dataone

    Just Switched to BSNL Broadband. I have no words to decribe speed. coz even in reliance webworld i didn't got such speed. one example. downloaded openoffice.org beta v1.9 in just 44mins.(Total size arround 85MB) with downloading continue no visible loss in surfing speed. checked speed at bandwidthplace.com and found 263.3Kbps and 253.60Kbps in two differant tests. ADSL modem provided by BSNL comes with in-built firewall router and web interface to change settings. really gr8 move by BSNL.
  9. RConnect & Linux

    before connecting phone type command at prompt( terminal ).. dmesg after connect again type same command and see diff.. it now shows what happens during u connected usb device. also shows where is actully mounted the device. use that instead /dev/ttyUSB0.
  10. RConnect & Linux

    for some models. u needs to tweak udev scripts.(specially if u r using r-connect script provided by reliance) now with udev u can mount your device anywhere u like. BTW, In above pic shown "Intialization String 1" may varies with model to model. that u can look up from your windows installation for same model.(Control Panel > Phone and Modem > Modem Tab > {Click LG/Samsung/Nokia usb Modem} > Advance Tab) I used r-connect on FC3 for 2 months 8 hrs a day. and ones install find much stable then on windows-xp.
  11. Is 1st April today..!! Still when ever I change scheme. Next Bill surely have errors.( Incorrectly charged specially in case of R-Connect Scheme)
  12. DADP Self-testing Tools For J2me Applications

    I had downloaded some games and full featured "Wap Browser" also. BTW browser can't open any site because of network problem.. its seems reliance blocked that kind of access.

    Chirag, Many Many Happy B'Day... I Wish comming years will bring lots of Joy & fill your life with happiness.
  14. DADP Self-testing Tools For J2me Applications

    it will take time.
  15. New R-connect Service.

    Link is now updated its was borken due to update of relianceinfo.com. http://www.relianceinfo.com/Infocomm/Rim/r...creditcard.html