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  1. Broadband- Surf While You Make Your Move

    Hi Hetal! could you please advise me as to go for a Reliance USB Modem or go for Airtel Broadband. Which one is better. Is the Rel USB Modem a broadband thing or not? regards
  2. My Take On 6265

    Hi guys! i also just bought my new Nokia 6265. I was using LG RD6130 earlier. I used a USB data cable to connect to the net.. but with 6265 I am trying to use bluetooth but in vain. I am unable to use it. Can anybody tell me how it is done. As in how to go about installing and using Rconnect thru blue tooth on the 6265.
  3. hi guys.. does this QCP format work with RD6130 also???
  4. Animated Walpapers For LG 6130

    Hi RD 6130 support JPEG wallpapers only Size is 200X200 pixels. If a border comes on the screen then try 198X 198 pixels. So far RD6130 is the best phone I have come across. Excellent ringtones. too good a speaker....... I love my RD6130 Attached find the Indian Flag I designed for my phone...... Capt Rohit
  5. Rconnect On Nokia 2280

    Yup! but Reliance says its already activated. The modem dials also but does not get connected..
  6. Animated Walpapers For LG 6130

    What will be the pixel size of the image.??????????????
  7. Rconnect On Nokia 2280

    Hi Guys! I am stuck with this PREPAID Nokia 2280. It gets installed but when I dial it says Error 0691 : Access Denied username and/or password invalid on the domain. I am using the unsername and password same as the number 93 series without a 0... Somebody told me to try "Internet" as username and "password" as password... that didn't work either. I have tried complaining to reliance guys but they don't seem to get whats the problem. can anybody be of some help in this regard. Anyone of the techies from reliance if you read this please help me out...
  8. Animated Walpapers For LG 6130

    Hi Guys! Can anyone help me with uploading a wallpaper from the net to RD 6130. i.e the actual pixel size to me mailed to the phone as an MMS. my phone sounds too good.. with the new ringtones i put everyday but the screen looks very dull..... can anybody help thanx
  9. Lg 6130 Ringtones

    Hey Basant Even I am facing the same problem as Austin. Can you Help???
  10. Lg 6130 Ringtones

    Hey Code. I tried it using OUtlook express and using 1stSMTP. Attach any midi file to the email and email it to <Your No>@rmms.ricmail.com. follow the following topic. It works. Ask Akhilesh who got some good ringtones from me! http://www.rimweb.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2030
  11. Lg 6130 Ringtones

    HI Akhilesh I am a happy man now. I can do it easily . My number is 9352201850... sms me and I'll send you some tunes... bye so long
  12. Lg 6130 Ringtones

    Hi Even I want to download a new ringtone to my new RD 6130 but have failed so far. Can you help me how I can do it using 1st SMPT. I tried using BITPM but it doesn't seem to work with this phone.????
  13. Nokia 2280 Cdma Data Cable Works On Nokia Gsm?

    HI I am facing trouble installing NOkia 2280 data cable. It just doesn't seem to work. The drivers gets installed but the reliance modem drivers and dialup networking etc just don't seem to work. can anybody please help.