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  1. RConnect & Linux

    Hi, LS 110 has native USB CDC interface, and distributions you mentioned does have CDC ACM support built in, you don't need any other updated or not driver for that. If it's not getting loaded automatically you could do "modprobe cdc-acm" on the console or put this line in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local /sbin/modprobe /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/usb/class/cdc-acm.ko { this module path is specific to 2.6.xx series kernel, its been long time since I used 2.4 series so you may have to look out for path, but "/lib/modules/" is the place where it get installed. Do "dmesg | grep tty" and look for ttyACMn /n := 0...n/ BTW what kinda script are you using to fire up the pppd and associated helpers and please provide details of the problem you exactly are having ?
  2. Creative Advertising ? Better Watch Out !

    Heh, It seems flaunting stupidity with blind and sick confidence is becoming creativity nowadys. Cashing on the frustration of frustrates "MANTRA OF TODAYS IDIOTIC MARKETING AND RELATED ADVERTISEMENT". Keep watching ...
  3. All About Linux

    Hi, One of the easiest GUI based solution could be gkrellm { http://gkrellm.net }. Most probably your linux distro have installed it by default so navigate the menu and fire it up. You would need to configure it before using, read the on-line docs or man page of gkrellm.
  4. RConnect & Linux

    Hi, Could you please post the output of command { lsusb } and relavent section of dmesg which speaks about your usb port identification and all. Also when linux is fully booted pull out the usb cable out of phone and then push it back in the phone, after that see the last lines of your dmesg. do { dmesg > dmesg.log } and post the contents of that log file here.
  5. Rang De Basanti.........

    Hi, I really didn't wanted to ask this but your constant loop of same reflection making me ask this. Would you please tell me whom am I quoting and yep if you could specify that person or even book in particular it would be really kind of you . And its me who decides when to participate and when to not, no one else.
  6. Rang De Basanti.........

    Hi, What is MIND, and yes I also read some bookish definition about it. But since you are talking about deepest crevices of mind so you must be knowing about it more naturally and more extensively. And as far as RDB goes, lead artist of it are super duper stupids. They couldn't be honest with their own life and partner let alone art and civics. Yes RDB is nothing more then wasting three hours completly, it would be far better to volunteer anything that could bring real smile on the face of the kid who works on that tea stall, instead of watching and then blahing about such a funky piece of nothing. And worst, feeling inspired for doing good about country after seeing movies like RDB. Its just a bubble which goes away, as fast as inspiration of fickle mind. Yesterday I watched IQBAL, and I found it far more better then RDB. Not because of cricket but theme of it.
  7. Rang De Basanti.........

    Heh, After reading SunTzu now fickle mind start burping that, its SunTzu himself and his findings.
  8. Hi, Check out this link, the only extra information you would need to get the show going is the AT command specfic to your phones modem. Happy hunting http://linux2.arinet.org/index.php?option=...id=122&Itemid=2
  9. All About Proxies

    Hi, For web based your current IP checker http://www.whatismyip.com/ http://checkip.dyndns.org/
  10. All About Proxies

    Hi, In the simplest way proxies could be taken as broker between a communication path of two points. Now there are different rules { PROTOCOL } for communication hence different borker { PROXIES } are needed, though few implementation provides functionality of more then one proxy in single package. If you're looking for hosts who are running proxies and that could be used by general mass then visit sites like http://www.publicproxyservers.com/ http://www.anonymitychecker.com/ If you're considering about implementing onsite proxy for internal network then one of the best implemention is http://www.squid-cache.org/ , but it could be real tough for a newbee to get going with it. It would be more helpful if you could describe your requirements and platform you gonna use for it. You can also try tor network. http://tor.eff.org/
  11. RConnect & Linux

    Hi, Assuming that you're using your phone number as user and password, could you please add the more verbose debug options to pppd and log the squence. And also remove user and password options from your pppd command line, as you said you're using .ppprc, so pppd will pick up that information from there besides user option requires username and password option requires password string on command line itself, if these options are passed directly to pppd command line. Add this to .ppprc user <your number> password <your number> If you're using correct number as your username and password and even though rconnect radius is not letting you in, then there is a strong possibility that your rconnect is not activated yet. Have you checked rconnect using some other OS ? { FOR MORE VERBOSE INFO } create this file for storing pppd log. touch /var/log/pppd.log pppd with debug options pppd /dev/modem 115200 debug debug logfile /var/log/pppd.log usepeerdns defaultroute noauth connect '/usr/sbin/chat -v "" at+crm=1 OK "atdt#777" CONNECT' For mor information about pppd, type { man pppd } and read on.
  12. RConnect & Linux

    Hi, Why are you advising of pinging name server of reliance, when pinging of peer end of PPP stream could serve the same purpose w/o causing any problem. Another thing, in linux instead of using ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxx use ping -A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx or ping -i 5 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and its better if it called from pppd config scripts.
  13. RConnect & Linux

    Hi, Use ping utility to ping the peer side gateway from /etc/ppp/ip-up.local. I had posted some scripts few days ago, search the archive.
  14. Rang De Basanti.........

    Hi, Looser, winner, individaul or mass whatever. I am out of this nonsence, so please stop posting anything about whatever I said. And keep doing what you believe in.
  15. Rang De Basanti.........

    Hi, Then show me right manner sire. You don't know where I belongs from and what I losed to this stinking system, so I won't mind your this comment. People on name of being important and busy judge too fast, and this is also a part of this system. Since scenery is infinite so of-course seeing is also infinite, what I tried to reflect seeing is not enough, realization of the causation of scenery is. Save yourself first, this world is nothing but you multiplied by n times. Your presentis your future, so worry about present only future gonna be all right. Hehe if you think you are the ultimate of evaluating crap or suggestion then all I can say is, another pothole in the disguise of clean pound. I don't write for anyone but myself, if you can see what I can then its okay if not just keep walking. And you don't need to bar me either, I don't have much to share with mirage anyway. Yes when they speak your own mind, then you are glad anyway .Lets start what ? Starting is not a problem what and how to start with always is. This system is based on too much abstraced greed and vandalism, if you can't see things in abstraction and if you believe that what you see is the only cause of scenery then don't worry, this world is full of so called social reformer and they do their best to ruin what they think they are reforming, and they do it with all honesty and enthusiasm. And yes keep check attitude completly reflect a mentality which wanna play the game show of puppet and puppteer. My profession belongs to motto, don't debug system, check why system is in need of debug and stabilze the system. In another simple way healing symptoms is not the cure of a disease. Well your vomit is perfect sire, so keep on with it. Thats only what I can say now. I AM GIVING UP WITH JUST ANOTHER SOCIAL REFORM MIRAGE