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  1. I did change to EVDO only mode, in ## DATA # settings & few ither options in Other settings, as per suggestions on one fourm there is no change so, revert back the settings againg i have tried searching for solution but - regarding S3 i didnt find any that could really work. for customers with similar issues in US & UK - there are hardware signal boosters available which they get for free from network provider incase of complaints, thats what i read in on one fourm while searching these hardware signal boosters will increase signal reception in surrounding areas. are there any suggestions for improving the signal strength by tweaking internal settings ....any suggestions ???
  2. I am using Sprint Galaxy S3 ( Stock ROM ) since 10 months & but i am having a strange problem now-a-days, when i am at my Office & Even at my Factory or any other places in & around city : I am getting Excellent Voice & Evdo data service , even some time data is more than 1.6 mbps, & Voice is Flawless & clear - But I have irritating tower problem at my residence Office actually, i spend morning time here & issue is, i am missing half of my calls & even if i receive calls the quality is crippled & Data is connected to only 1-x data ( no Evdo at my residence ), I have compained to Reliance customer care stating that i dont have this problem else where in city, till now I complained to Customer care around 6-7 times every time they say its a tower Problem & will be rectified. but i have got no solution from them & it is increasingly difficult to miss important calls. What i want to know is if I Root my Phone can we tweek the innersettings to increase signal strength ( or) is there any other way to my issue. Please some one reply, this is important to me.
  3. ya very useful tip..once accidentally got this but didnt know, and never got it againt till I read this post..thanks Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk
  4. the youtube works like charm:D
  5. ^^@abhi.r thanks for the link , i am on it will get back once done :-)
  6. ^^ Thanks that will be better, will ODIN back to EC05 & follow as said, will update
  7. ^^^ Still not Rooted, any help is appreciated, if SD card not in slot this notification disappears thanks
  8. I have updated to OTA 1 week back , had no issues so far , but wanted it to root so , first i did a 1.Hard rest - wipe dats & 2.then also clear / wipe Cache partition 3. reboot after it showed software update again in a notification box (Phone is already updated to EI22 & the notification was again searching so i cancelled ) Now the issue is there on the notification bar , it keeps popping "USB connected" , constantly popping on notification bar, i remove the SD card , then the notification disappeared, so i formated the SD card & reinserted , again it keeps popping & dancing on the Notification bar, Though, I am able to connect to USB Storage - transfer data - even Teether data to PC without any probs, but this notification is very irritating, I google , & tried unchecking Debugging option , and USB option , check on ask options, still this prob stands, only after the hard reset it happened , so i hardreset again still this prob is there Pls help
  9. After it's, GPS is working fine and even instantly gets fix from inside my building, but camera quality seems to be bad than,before Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk
  10. Got OTA update today.. r there any issues after OTA update to GB 2.3.5. Pls share Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk
  11. thanks..No confusion now, now i can update for EC05.
  12. thanks for immdiate reply.. i will go with some data plan may be 199 plan also did you understand my query in the ^^^ post above..pls reply
  13. i have no words .. how an someone make hate speeches against you Pls dont dispair..