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  1. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Does anyone know if Droid Maxx and Razr Maxx work? If they do they could be added too.
  2. I have a RAZR MAXX HD and I have used it for a week on a single charge (no data, only voice). Perhaps the best phone I have had in terms of reception, voice quality and battery life. Only problem is a very poor camera, apart from this, an amazing phone.
  3. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Dear brother, I have done innumerable data programming on large number of Verizon S3 i535 handsets, in the last few months with various types of experiments but LK3 build supports data very well on normal OMH SIM. It's not one or few Verizon S3 phones that were tried upon, rather a large number. CDMA programming is a playground of tweaking and experiments, you can try the modded SIM. Faramrozeji, finally got the data working! Essentially, the problem was what many folks keep repeating - the SIM card. Earlier my card was labelled as just "prepaid CDMA". I went ahead and got a SIM card with the black diamond sign and everything started working! Perhaps the post that suggests the right type of SIM card to be used for data should be pinned so that people use the right SIM. Incidentally I bought the useless SIM for Rs. 50 from a Reliance Mobile store and the good SIM costed me just Rs. 4 in a Webworld!
  4. Tutorial:- Universal root - Android 4.3+ devices

    I used saferoot to root my RAZR MAXX HD. Hopefully will figure out how to unlock bootloader next.
  5. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Rajuji, I did try doing *228 primarily because I thought that would OTAF the set. Incidentally, the PRL version reads as 5 currently and MIN and other parameters are visible in Status, so no idea why the data connection is not being created. Additionally the phone does not allow for the *228 call to go through, says - "Sorry, this SIM card is not recognised or registered". Also later found that this is not recommended, it could mess the SIM card up in older phones. Also was told that configuring APN was not necessary, though I did that too. I was thinking of doing rooting followed by apns-conf.xml, though I have seen folks do that in GSM not in CDMA... Dr. Faramroze, was told that the Verizon S3 needs a modded SIM. So do you believe that your experience is a one off one or in general do you believe Verizon S3 supports OMH out of the box? Also is there any chance that the modded SIM can solve my data problems?
  6. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Jagjitji, Do not have access to a Tata OMH card, what I did do was use an Airtel SIM card and that worked fine. Since then reflashed the phone, added new APN (rcomnet, 404, 00, net nar, CHAP). No data yet. Also called *333 and as is expected they asked me to go to Webworld. Only thing the web world guy said was that if adding APN does not help, then this phone is not OMH. So two big questions - Does RAZR MAXX HD indeed support OMH sim card and is Reliance card indeed an OMH card? I am too big a noob to answer these questions with any authority though... My guess is given that some people have had success with this handset maybe it has something to do with versions of OMH cards out there, i.e. not all OMH cards are equal. I will drop emails to Nodal officers/appellate authority... and given that I have verified on Airtel, if there is no quick resolution, it will be goodbye Reliance and hello Airtel + LNP It s**ks though, been a Reliance customer since one month of launch of their service...
  7. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Finally got RAZR MAXX HD today and I put the OMH sim today. And I was extremely disappointed. First - WiFi was not working. It got stuck at getting IP address. I solved this by setting a static IP address. This took care of this problem. Second - Still open... 1X is not working. Tried adding a APN (rcomnet, #777, default,*, and various MCC/MNC combinations). No luck. I noticed that a lot of entries from ##PROGRAM were blank! Example MIN, IMSI_11_12, MDN... Also got a message - Failed to get call NAM information. These entries were present while using the Verizon SIM card and did not get the same message with Verizon SIM card! It seems like some settings need to be added to the phone to make the OMH work. Rimweb gurus, please help!
  8. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Jagjit Singhji : Indeed I did my analysis and it seems that RAZR MAXX/RAZR MAXX HD are the best bets for working "out of the box" across multiple countries. And yes Bad ESN is a concern if being bought in India. No idea if you knew this but one can do ESN checks using swappa.com if buying in India. In my case my brother-in-law will be making a trip to India soon and I thought best thing to do is to ask him to get the phone. But in case I would have bought this in India, I would have done an ESN check at swappa.com before buying the phone. Incidentally got a 2 day old RAZR MAXX HD for $260 . Baba Jee: Will PM you as soon as I get the phone to report on success with using with Reliance OMH as soon as I try this out. I was very interested with HTC One after reading some posts about OMH out-of-box, but was not sure if this was an one-off one. LG G2 was another interesting phone too, but very limited experience of Rimwebians with this phone made me not decide on this phone. Both phones are pretty unique and would have loved to have them. Hiteshji: The whole issue with flashing makes me wary. Yeah one can flash for cricket/metro and use it in US, but as soon as one gets back to India, flashing is needed again. And in case of newbies like me, mistakes could happen and I could end up bricking the phone. NV mode changes have me so scared that I have not updated the OS of my EVO till date. I believe all that I need to do is reset MIN value to old value after update but am afraid with issues related to A-Key. I do not have the A-key value and I forgot who I bought the phone from . Droid DNA is a great phone with wireless charging, only reason did not go for that was because of NV Mode in India .
  9. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Thanks Rimweb gurus for your responses! On believe that Droid RAZR MAXX HD should be my first choice and next should be Verizon S3. I do see that some people have issues with the earpiece in MAXX HD, which I find surprising because I had a K1m earlier and in my opinion that was one of the best sounding handsets I have ever owned. Hopefully the "audio experience" in MAXX HD will be comparable.
  10. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Razr M, Razr maxx HD I have heard, Verizon Samsung S3 don't you have to do some programming for enabling OMH? I have not seen other handset being discussed / offered here... I would'nt mind this set but problem is I am not sure if these will work in US. Never seen anything like an OMH set being used in US and I prefer CDMA networks both in US and India. My guess is I essentially will need to use a phone released by Verizon/Sprint/US Cellular if I want to use CDMA there From what I can see, the safe choices would be RAZR M and RAZR MAXX HD. Would RIMWebians agree?
  11. Please suggest an OMH based Global Phone

    Hiteshji, do ALL these support GSM? Specifically does Samsung S3 support both GSM and CDMA? Satishji, concern I have with these phones is that while these may work in India through OMH, not sure if these can be used in USA on CDMA. Anyday I prefer using a CDMA network if possible. Thereby, I believe the best choice is buying a phone released by US phone operator. Ofcourse the complication here is Bad ESN
  12. Hi RIMWebians, Thought of upgrading my phone, budget is not an issue. Essentially I want to be able to use the same phone (voice, data, SMS, USSD) all over the world - CDMA in India and US and GSM elsewhere is what I am thinking. Been reading the forums and I am confused and was hoping that folks here could help. Reason I need an OMH set is that I am pretty sure if I take a programmed phone to the US it will stop working. Worst case scenario, probably if there is nothing, I might need to reprogram while in US and once again I am back. On basis of what I read in RIMWeb I believe the phones can be Droid DNA, Sprint HTC One, Razr Maxx HD. There may be some older models I remember Kapilji and Tusharji were talking about Droid Razr and there is the Droid 3 too... Can the experts please let me know what is the right choice here. Thanks
  13. Please Suggest Good CDMA Phone To Buy in US

    @Karthik R I meant I use the phone as is in US, come back to India, do what Hetal had posted and then buy an OMH card in India. Wouldn't that work if I buy the Incredible 2?
  14. Please Suggest Good CDMA Phone To Buy in US

    I was hoping some of the gurus here like Sadik, Hetal... can help. Also Hetal had posted about making Incredible 2 OMH compatible. Possibly can find someone in Bangalore who can activate it if none of the two options above work out... I don't mind anything till about $350.
  15. Friends, I am in US for a short while (so makes no sense to get a phone with contract) and thought of buying a phone on ebay or Amazon. I hope to buy a phone that I can use while in US and also continue to use in India. I hope some of you can help me take a decision. I can choose a service from Verizon(preferred) or Sprint. I would typically prefer the following for the phone - 1. Ease of use 2. Battery life 3. Inbuilt GPS (no idea if RCDMA supports A-GPS, with inbuilt GPS can store maps and use them when not in network) 4. EVDO capabilities 5. It would be nice if it can talk to exchange servers for e-mail 6. Camera / Video capabilities