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  1. Problem With International Roaming

    Thanks Guys...but the responses came late for me... This information might help the next time though. Thanks anyway. Basant
  2. Problem With International Roaming

    Guys...At least please tell me if anyone every used the HTC Mogul on international roaming? Thanks!
  3. Problem With International Roaming

    I need some assistance from you friends. I have the PPC 6800 (Mogul) which i bought from Sadik bhai. The problem is that i am not able to update the PRL by sending the message to 53733 (the usual way) - every time the update fails. I have had hard luck during my last 2 trips as I could not use the phone in US. I now leave for the US the next week but don't want to be left without my cell. Can you guys help as to what should I do? FYI, I am currently on the sprint original rom and have uploaded the Reliance PRL manually to get rid of the sprint roaming icon and messages. Thanks! Basant
  4. Sprint Mogul Latest Basic Rom 3.56.651.0 Radio 3.42.02

    Thanks Dhiraj. I could successfully update ROM today, there however some issues. I did make sure to reset the device before sprint customizations, but I am seeing the roaming sign, and for all calls I receive, I get message saying International roaming - roaming charges may apply - or something.... I thought I should upload the Reliance PRL, but the device is asking for some code for editing service programming...Please help. Thanks! Basant
  5. Sprint Mogul Latest Basic Rom 3.56.651.0 Radio 3.42.02

    Hi Guys! I want to load this ROM on my PPC, but couldn't get it to work. When installing, I get a message that says something like "Invalid File"... I have loaded ROM once before but that was on my PPC 6700 bought from Reliance and it went on fine. Right now, I am doing this on PPC 6800 bought by Sadik. Could it be because of olipro unlocker? If so, I need a working link to download this unlocker. Please help. Best regards, Basant EDIT : I got the link to unlocker. Thanks. I will try this again and will come back if there is a need. Thanks guys!
  6. Bsnl Launched Ev-do

    Dear Sougata, Don't take my comments personally...I never meant it for you, or in reply to your post...I only wanted to share my view about possible roaming on EV-DO data cards. All I meant was that lets keep our hopes high. Anyway...please excuse me if you felt hurt with anything I said...I take my words back with apology.
  7. Bsnl Launched Ev-do

    Guys...as far as roaming is concerned on BSNL CDMA....lemme tell you that BSNL has started the process of obtaining regulatory approval for launching it's CDMA service as full mobility service, just like Reliance and Tata. They don't want to remain WLL anymore. Once it is done, we will also have data roaming. Since BSNL GSM has roaming agrement with MTNL for Delhi and Mumbai, my guess is, the same shall be true for CDMA as well. As for the data cards, state wide roaming is already available with BSNL EV-DO. The BSNL officers themselves will tell you that it will soon be nation wide. Atleast, there is some operator which is going forward with the new technologiy...so what if it's a public sector company. Let's not be so pessimist with BSNL...they revolutionize the whole broadband scenario in India afterall. Cheers
  8. Bsnl Launched Ev-do

    As of today, EV-DO is available in the following states/areas for sure - Kerala - officially announced Rajasthan (Jaipur) - officially announced UP West (Ghaziabad - Raj nagar and Govindpuram areas) Karnataka (some areas of Banglore, still in testing phase) Andhra Pradesh (Ananthpur and some other cities, Hyderabad in a couple of weeks) Launch expected in March in parts of Maharashtra, Haryana and Tamil Nadu. I can say for sure that BSNL wll exchanges in most big cities have received the EV-DO equipments and the same is being installed in phases. Service should be available in lot many cities within 2-3 months. PS: I have either verified the above information myself, or the same has been provided by my friends after contacting BSNL directly.
  9. Bsnl Launched Ev-do

    It is opposite Punjab National Bank on the road parallel to Ahinsa Kahnd-I. I don't know the name of the road, but there is only one Punjab National Bank in Indirapuram and you should not have any problem locating it.
  10. Bsnl Launched Ev-do

    As per my information, the data card is Huawei EC-321 and is R-UIM enabled. However, it is de-activated by the BSNL and is vacant by default. I don't have any information about the availability of EV-DO in Calcutta, I would suggest you pay a visit to the nearest BSNL SDO, he/she sure will have information on the same... Cheers! B
  11. BSNL has launched 3G data services on EV-DO in several parts of the country, and soon to launch the same nation wide. It has already started giving connections in many cities of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka... It is providing 2 options - PCMCIA card (EV-DO+CDMA1x) for Rs 4500/- and USB modem for 6500/- on outright purchase. The monthly tariff is Rs. 550 (plus taxes) for unlimited access. The speed is reported to be really good (which is obvious due to the fact that very few people will be using it at present)....as high as 1.8 MBPS. I enquired for the same in Ghaziabad, and to my surprise the same has been made available in Ghaziabad city and Govindpuram areas (as per the info given by BSNL DE). The work on BTS is going on in Indirapuram, Vaishali and Kaushambi areas, and the service is expected to be available in a month or so. Currently, state wide data roaming is available at no extra cost, which will soon be nation wide (BSNL has already applied for roaming on CDMA services). Cheers! Basant
  12. Chinese Handset

    I lost my PPC 6700 a couple of weeks back and had to buy a phone for the time being. I transferred my phone number to a RUIM and bought a chinese handset supporting dual-sims, one CDMA and one GSM, for just Rs 6000. Have been using the phone for almost 10 days and it seems a good deal to me. Both sims (CDMA+GSM) work at the same time and found no problem as such with the call reception and call quality. Here're the pics - Display screen is big 2.6'' with 262k color with 240x320 px resolution. I was pleasantly suprised by the display quality. Main features include - - Touchscreen with stylii - Loud stereo (dual) speakers with above average soundquality - MP3 and Video player: MP3, MP4, Wav, 3GP,ASF, full screen playback - 1.3 MP camera of average quality - USB support, USB charging support as well - Bluetooth (works for file transfer), not tested the handsfree or headset profile. It seems to support Bluetooth A2DP profile as well - 300 contact + sim capacity - 200 SMS + sim capacity, SMS groups, T9 like word completion feature - Support MMS with GSM sim - Voice recorder, Call recorder - Dual band GSM (900/1800) and CDMA 1x 800 - Option of Black and Silver color Above features are the one that I tested myself. Other features that are there in most phones these days are also present, like alarm, memo, calendar, to do list, game, scheduler etc. Phone doesn't look cheap like most chinese handsets and the build quality seems good to me. The software of the phone is not great, but not bad either. So far no crashes....For this price, I couldn't have got a better phone.

    Wish you a very very happy birthday Ashoksoft, Amitstg, Chirag Thakkar et. el
  14. Now I Love Iphone

    BTW, did anyone get more details on the Apple's exclusive distribution deal with with Reliance Retail for setting up stand-alone exclusive 3,000-5,500 sq ft 'iStores' which will sell Mac computers, iPod and the iPhone? Reliance is expecting to open 37 such stores over the next three years... I guess we will see iphone's official launch in India real soon.
  15. Here's the OST of Do u wann partner from movie Partner... Cheers! B Do_u_wanna...OST_Partner_2007.mp3