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  1. yes. i can make calls and receive calls thro jio4gvoice app also sms
  2. Working on my iPad Air. No issues. May be you should update the app
  3. Is it possible to give activation request using this same procedure?
  4. Is it possible to use iPhone 4S or 5 with full data on CDMA?
  5. How to activate call waiting on nexus s4g. i tried calling *311 but "please check the number you have called" message. i am on JB 4.1.1 unrooted. Also GPS is not at all getting locked to an exact position. it will show a blue dot with big circle say 3 or 4 kms radius. any solutions?
  6. iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Finally arrived

    i am using a sprint 4s cdma running on 5.0.1. is it possible to update to 6.1 and apply this jailbreak? any precautions to take before updating?
  7. Hackintosh!

    if i go for Hp probook 4430,is there anything that won't support on running Mac OSX ML? Like FaceTime,App Store,iCloud ,wifi, touchpad,keyboard, usb 3.0, bluetooth,wired Lan etc etc. i am asking this because i don't have much experience in mac osx. hope i can dual boot this with win7/8 & MacOSX.
  8. Hackintosh!

    i tried finding probook 4530s i5, but not available in market. its updated with 4540s. is it ok to go with 4540s? i need to get almost all features working. any one has little used pro book 4530s?
  9. Hackintosh!

    Can you suggest a laptop model which can run mountain lion and win7 dual boot. I am looking forward to buy one. Need to get all features working like camera,card reader,usb3.0,wifi,sound,graphics etc on mountain lion. Now I am using an assembled pc to run win7 and ML. But need to install ML on a laptop to get mobility.
  10. Got OTA update of JB 4.1.1. around 127mb. Working smooth
  11. Just now checked, got a speed upgradation from the usual 1.5mbps
  12. Dear, the challenge here is to transfer files without connecting to any network. Pl carefully read my query again. Once both the devices are connected to a network, there's a dearth of apps (though I wont dispute Airdroid being the best since have not used any). @Rahul: Thanks, will try out today evening. You just put airdroid hotspot mode on and you can share files from your laptop or tablet. you don't have to connect it to any network or router.I have tested this from my evo3D. On my mobile wifi and Mobile network was off,Sprint hotspot was on,airdroid was running in hotspot mode.i was able to transfer files.
  13. AirDroid is probably the best tool available for Andoid which allows users to manage & control your Android phones wirelessly from a web browser. With its awesome and easy to use interface you can manage your phone, access files and copy them easily to your desktop using the app. All you need is to have both the phone and desktop on the same wireless connection. You can access your messages, contacts, apps, files including photos, music and videos, call and ringtones easily from the web browser. it allows you to connect as hotspot Mode
  14. Forum Milestone : 50,000 Members!

    Congrats.Keep it going.
  15. Review: Sprint HTC EVO 3D - World's 1st (Proper) 3D Phone

    I too had an increase in my EVDO speeds also after zeroing out the IP addresses i was getting before 1.5Mpbs-download & 0.36Mbps before.