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  1. Here is the ringtone in mp3 format suitable permissions have not been enabled on the 'uploads' directory What shud i do??
  2. Rohit I am not kamanilpillai its KM. ANIL PILLAI. Anyway i have one airtel mp3 that i will upload soon...
  3. Please any one post new airtel ringtone
  4. MJP Converter

    Thanks for ur response Mr. I have the info. about the mjpeg file format. Can u tell me how to create a mjpeg video file. Is any s/w available for that? Can it send to our mob?
  5. All about LG 5130

    Hai Friends, I have updated my mob S/W for RD 5130 from the service centre. After that my Rconnect become very slow. No other changes...... Any one did that? What is the imp. of updating the mob s/w if there is no bugs My new s/w version is RD513F11. Waiting for ur replay!! <TOPIC MERGED!>
  6. MJP Converter

    hai friends, any one know details about the mjpeg file type. i found that some lg mob uses video in mjpeg format. when iam searched in the net i got only the video encoder. any one know about this video format? is this can used for sending video to mob thru mms. << Please refrain from using BLOCK letters when posting in the forum - editing post >>
  7. Tweak LG RD 5130

    Hai Friends, I am looking to get a s/w that can upload ringtones/wallpapers to my LG RD5130 Mob. Please inform me if any one knows it (Not Usings MMS, Thats works but why the LG peoples not developing s/w for LG RD5130.) BITPIM is also not working with this model. Please send me mail (kmanilpillai@rediffmail.com) or replay in in this Topic. Thanks in advance for ur responds, Lovingly Anil POST MERGED to THIS THREAD -- Chirag
  8. Data cable and software

    Is good to use datacable for LG RD 5130 rated bellow Rs.500 on bazee.com, Please give me details for buying good datacables with low cost.