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  1. I read article sometime back - they want only data cards & smart phones on CDMA network. Could be a ploy to get rid of low revenue people off CDMA netwrok.
  2. Some ROMS & RADIOS are not compatible. try using STOCK ROM & STOCK RADIO. If that works keep it. Custom ROMS might have issues with certain Radios.
  3. There is no doubt that CDMA is superior in clarity, but i guess point people are trying to make is .... compared to their experience of using Reliance over the years... the connections seems to be getting RELATIVELY weaker. There could be N number of reasons... I have faced this problems 3-4 times & getting the issue resolved takes multiple calls to Customer care & making them understand that all people face network issue in particular location , region etc. mostly they have been able to solve the weak signal network issue within 3-7 Days as per my experience.
  4. wonder what POST PAID customers would be feeling ---- they have to pay far more for DATA.
  5. Yep. gaurav is super dude..!! some FMCG will cast him in their next advt jingle...... Super fast Kaam... Daam fir bhi kum..!!
  6. VA. i hate to disagree. Its not that difficult. Have done it before. Depends on staff you interact with...
  7. anywhere between 16-17k
  8. Well.. atleast the 3G tariff have started thier Journey & Heading South..!! In days where inflation is rising , $ is rising, petrol prices rising.. this is a welcome change..!!
  9. Sometimes it could be handset related Issue . In smart Phones - try to upgrade yr RADIO ROM, Reload a different PRL. Stuff like that do improve your network range & therby battery life.
  10. well - at ROCK BOTTOM prices per minute in world--- wat do v expect-- it cannot go anywhere except NORTH.
  11. Use good quality Coolant. Check Fuse of Radiator Fan . If radiator fan doesn't work - car gets heated after running for few mins & might cause engine problems, faster with Ac On.
  12. send PORT out request from RCOM . These guys will come running & chances are u may get good deal. Vodafone corporate deals are nt bad either. Gd luck.
  13. Boss... Vodafone rates are also 1.2p/second. If u porting just for rates - plz don't . In these days of competition -- rates are always gonna be neck in neck. Customer Care Rep won't know why rates are increase- he will just say - what is being told to him. The reason for change should be poor coverage,poor choice of plans/packs, non-availability of EVDO / 3G on network , repeated billing disputes , Friends or family on different provider... eg - many ppl port into vodafone as they have their circle of people on vodafone & then they take group plan or something like that. Think about it. Don't hurry into the decision.