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  1. HTC EVO 4G - Fluctuating Signals

    Some ROMS & RADIOS are not compatible. try using STOCK ROM & STOCK RADIO. If that works keep it. Custom ROMS might have issues with certain Radios.
  2. Yep. gaurav is super dude..!! some FMCG will cast him in their next advt jingle...... Super fast Kaam... Daam fir bhi kum..!!
  3. Please suggest HTC One V Fair Price

    anywhere between 16-17k
  4. Well.. atleast the 3G tariff have started thier Journey & Heading South..!! In days where inflation is rising , $ is rising, petrol prices rising.. this is a welcome change..!!
  5. Car Starting Problem

    Use good quality Coolant. Check Fuse of Radiator Fan . If radiator fan doesn't work - car gets heated after running for few mins & might cause engine problems, faster with Ac On.
  6. Is The Galaxy Nexus Still A “Nexus?”

    has any one on RIMWEB used galaxy nexus -verizon & acitvated in india ? reviews welcome.
  7. i hrd there are some setup boxes which u can flash codes & use for as many as 1000+ channels .... can some1 throw some light on this
  8. If u have EVDO already working - no need to modify any settings. Otherwise , u need to put username n password to get EVDO working & u need evdo activation. separate thread for that exists.
  9. Reliance GSM - New Economical Postpaid Plan

    what is so great - 50 p seems to be tarriff -- & 99 R-2-R free is there since long time.
  10. New Online Reservation Website For Indian Railways

    As everytime... will work for agents & not normal users between 8 -9 am. Fayda kuch nahi if u need tatkal. & if its not emergency... i would rather wait n go home n do it from a PC.
  11. Not the Indian versions... Sprint/verizon Mayb
  12. Karlo Duniya mutthi mein... Plan Banao Chutti mein..!!!
  13. no specs given but most likely it will have same processor as HTC explorer. 600 mhz
  14. Most of these sites are coming in terms with visioning a business, planning things & actually running it. They are learning difference between promise n delivering it... Basically.. the entire supply chain for e-business will be upgraded.. & we will notice the difference in second half of 2012. In coming days things will improve drastically. lets see.