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  1. No Data On The Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G

    I have been unsuccessfully trying to activate data on my nexus s 4g. The phone works fine on the reliance network in all other respects. My voice calls and sms work fine. I have the username and password for the data access and i also put them on the phone via QPST. But still no data. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong ?
  2. Motorola Photon USSD Code Issues?

    I recently bought a motorola photon 4G from hetal. A very fast phone with great features. I am using it on my airtel gsm card, and somehow I am just not able to get the USSD codes to work. I type *121# and call, the phone just says USSD code running, and after a while it would say MMI code cancelled. I was wondering if any of you have had a similar experience ? or is it a problem with all GSM Androids ? The phone is, btw, running android 2.3.4
  3. RIMweb.in 9th Anniversary!

    Happy Birthday Rimweb !! Keep up the great work, all of you !
  4. RIMweb Meet - V - Mumbai - 6th Jan, Joggers Park 1630 hrs onwards

    Wow! Sounds fun, just like old times. I'm in as long as the venue is on the central line.
  5. No Data On The Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G

    WOW! Kapilji that was super quick. Im enthralled. EVDO active on my nexus s! 1.5 mbps! Thank you all
  6. No Data On The Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G

    I am no longer in contact with my seller. :-( Any other alternatives ? Simple IP in the M.IP tab. What do you mean by NET user/paas? Where do i get those ?? Put net/net which is default. Do opt for some data plan. You can search and find details on our forum. Yep, I am subscribed to a data plan and I have got it confirmed from reliance CC. I am being billed for it but no data consumption. Have PM'd you. Please check and revert.
  7. No Data On The Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G

    I am no longer in contact with my seller. :-( Any other alternatives ? Simple IP in the M.IP tab. What do you mean by NET user/paas? Where do i get those ??
  8. All Files, Softwares, .apk, Roms In One Post

    Just downloaded QPST from your link, but it asks for a password. Any ideas?
  9. Motorola Photon USSD Code Issues?

    nope, no joy for me on my photon and I do not have the Mobile Tracker option as well.
  10. Motorola Photon 4G Tegra Dual Core World Phone

    Until the message is delivered, it shows a green arrow next to it as per my observation... and later on you can hold down the message and select view message details.. that gives me the op codes from the delivery report.
  11. Motorola Photon 4G Tegra Dual Core World Phone

    You could try and change the wi-fi channel on your router, I have noticed a lot of phones/laptops do not detect channels above 10. Also make sure that the SSID does not have special characters.
  12. Motorola Photon USSD Code Issues?

    @rajan: Thanks for the link, but that app cannot be installed on the motorola photon. Also I tried other dialers (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.iba.ussdchecker&feature=related_apps) but same thing as I have mentioned in the above post. I remembered that while using the blackberry, I would dial 121 (customercare) and then as a conference call dial the USSD code. That would make it work on the blackberry. Tried it on the motorola photon but that also does not work.
  13. Motorola Photon USSD Code Issues?

    ^ Life is going to be very difficult on GSM without USSD codes. Does anyone know of a workaround? I asked about this issue to sadikk and he asked me to use a different dialer. Now I have no idea about what he meant by that. So I went ahead to the android maket and downloaded 2 apps called ussd dialers, but both of them did the exact same thing as was happening earlier. On a second note, I had the same problem on my blackberry 8830 , which was also a world phone (CDMA+GSM) . Seems so strange.
  14. Forum Milestone : 50,000 Members!

    Congratulations everyone ! 50k is a huge number. Rimweb has come a long long way... a huge round of applause for Arun and all the members and mods !
  15. Forum Software Upgraded to IP.Board 3.2

    Looks slick! Maybe this is the reason that formus were showing sql errors at 3.3 am today...
  16. Internet Via Leased Line

    Greetings, fellow members, been quite a while since I posted anything at RIMweb. Coming to the point, I am in need of an extremely low latency and high uptime line to the internet, especially to the US. Can anyone give me some insight into the matter? I'd like to know which provider to go with, links to plans and tariffs, reliability out of past experiences etc. Also, whether the leased lines are fiber optic or copper wire and perhaps differences in connectivity between these two. By what tests I have done, I've found out that, Airtel 2Mbps home plan lines give around 330ms whereas Airtel 2Mbps business plan lines give around 300ms MTNL 1Mbps gives 350ms. All the lines that I have tested, are normal ADSL lines.
  17. Internet Via Leased Line

    Thanks jayanth, its helpful.
  18. Internet Via Leased Line

    I need to get some realtime data from US, so I need a LLC.
  19. Internet Via Leased Line

    Thanks for the test, looks pretty good. Can you tell me about your plan and pricing ??
  20. Internet Via Leased Line

    Yeah, I have considered VSAT connections, but in terms of latency, they are very very slow. 250ms is just the propagation delay from base station to the satellite. So VSAT lines are a non-viable solution for me. Thanks for the link.
  21. Bluetooth Stereo Headset Problem In 8830 We ?

    Dear all, I recently purchased a samsung sbh-650 bluetooth stereo headset for use with my verizon 8830 we. The headset works perfectly with other nokia/samsung phones, but with the blackberry , the songs (while playing in media player) get stuck in between every 5-10 seconds. Can someone please confirm this behaviour ? I'm on verizon 4.5 firmware.
  22. All about Tikona

    Hey ashok, can you confirm your findings ? I use laptop at a friends place at kalyan, and also in college one via friends home router and the other via a public access router of my college in navi mumbai. So i dont think that moving around is a prob as long as they have coverage via any router. My opinion about tikona is pretty good. decent speeds.
  23. Bluetooth Stereo Headset Problem In 8830 We ?

    Why would changing the freq. to 44.1k make any difference? They play all well on the other phones. Seems to me like a bluetooth radio driver issue on the 8830 WE. Still i'll try that and check what works.
  24. How To Lock Vcd?

    @ayaz_cool: there is no way that you can do that. Only hacks. Like making a mixed-mode cd ( which again cant be guaranteed to run on every vcd/dvd player) having and autorun.inf which loads a custom executable, which inturn blocks access to the cd/dvd drive. But then thats way too much to do for locking. If i remember correctly this executable / softmode locking was used a few years ago by a record company. I'd personally not suggest you to even look further into it. Its just not "feaseable" to do it.