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  1. HTC Droid DNA problem

    Mods please close the topic, problem solved in Gaffar
  2. HTC Droid DNA problem

    Hello Experts, need your help regarding my HTC Droid DNA, it has started to reboot/restart all by itself, i tried holding the power+volume down key but by the time it reaches that stage it restarts again, i have lots of data, pictures and important numbers in it, please assist. IF anything cannot be done online where in Delhi can i get the phone repaired ? Thanks
  3. Try Samsung UA32F4500 Smart LED TV. Available on Ebay india with dealer warranty for Rs 29,799 >> http://www.ebay.in/itm/SAMSUNG-32-UA-32F4500-SMART-LED-TV-With-One-Year-Dealers-Warranty-/171150200931?pt=IN_LCD_LED_Plasma_Televisions&hash=item27d958d063&_uhb=1#ht_10032wt_1031 Exchange price in Vijay sales with official warranty is Rs 31,999. Seems like a good deal, any ebay coupon Rajan bhai ???
  4. is this a good deal :- http://www.ebay.in/itm/4G-NEW-HTC-ONE-X-WHITE-16-GB-BETTER-THAN-GALAXY-S2-S3-NOTE-2-GRAND-/261216790718?pt=IN_Mobile_Phones&hash=item3cd1bbe8be
  5. Top 15 1080HD Android Phones From China

    Simply ultimate, wish these were on CDMA technology
  6. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    a very good deal indeed http://www.tradus.com/reynolds-045-fine-ball-pen-pack-10/d/812
  7. Thinking of buying this "http://www.tradus.com/deal/d/639" so that i can use less of my lappy, what does the experts say ??????
  8. Rajan bhai post the link, will ask my relatives to bring one along
  9. Itni baatein hui hai to koi good deal on induction cooktop bhi bata do, as far as i think buying ONLY a induction cooktop is not a great idea cos we also need " Induction Base Kadai/Frypan/Tava" for it and thats gonna kill you too, so if i can have any GOOD DEAL with all these ???
  10. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    DONOT purchase or even refer "Cenizar Premium cotton double bedsheet with 2 pillow covers worth Rs. 1499 at Rs. 402", it is the worst material i have ever experienced, it is not even good for gifting, i am sure u will get better quality for Rs 400 at your local market.
  11. i faced the same problem with one sellers of tradus but after contacting them they sent me a refund voucher
  12. Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence day to my friends
  13. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Rajan bhai although you have assisted many with a LOT of their queries i believe THIS is the best one. Surely you have good knowledge of everything (maybe cos u are inclined to help everyone God has gifted you with it). This Neem Datun/Miswak is tried and tested, not only it is good for teeth and gum, it is good for the WHOLE body, you use it atleast 5 times a day (this stuff is like a stick, so you need to chew one of its end so it becomes soft and then use it like a brush, DONOT use it on GUMS) and u can see the result in 2 days(i use miswak so can give guarantee for it, Neem Datun is bitter whereas Miswak isn`t), the best part is it will cost u around Rs 10/- and u can use it for more than 6 months. Try it...
  14. kinda true THOR, i checked my mail today and later got a knock at the door from the blue dart guy