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  1. Charge While You Browse In Lg 2130?

    Hi, I have LG 2130 and like to ask..... Do all USB data cables support charging while surfing. Or do i need to ask for a special one. will USB purchased from grey market do that? I currently use serial and it dosent charge. Also my battery run for 3.5 hours after full charge while surfing. is this ok or should i go for a new one. Thanks in advance
  2. please check www.freedownloadmanager.org
  3. Handset Price List - Mumbai

    all these features are present in Nokia 2280. And by the way 2280 came way back, more importantly these features are present in every Nokia CDMA mobile. Thats just lack of marketing or i say its not perfect blocking... You block an incoming number, person whom you are blocking will always know of it. Though you may never know if a call is blocked but he will hear a single ring and then listen to the unreachable message. And that single ring will make him to presume that you have disconnected his call after a single ring. so be carefull if you ristrict someone...
  4. http://www.hindu.com/2005/08/04/stories/ Reliance told to pay for service unreliability Mandira Nayar NEW DELHI: For Banarsi Dass getting connected to the Internet was only a dream. Having opted for a wireless telephone from Reliance Infocomm for Rs. 4,000 that could run two parallel connections and log on to the Internet, Mr. Dass thought that he would always be connected. Little did he realise it was only the beginning of his troubles. Tired of not being able to use his "parallel" connection for himself and his non-government organisation (NGO), Mr. Dass was forced to go to consumer court. The district consumer disputes redress forum has now held Reliance Infocomm guilty of deficiency for not providing the services promised to the customers in its advertisements. It has further directed the company to refund Rs. 4,000 -- the amount paid by him to get the telephone installed. The company was also required to pay Rs. 2,000 towards mental harassment and Rs. 1,000 towards cost of litigation. In his case before the court, Mr. Dass submitted that the telephone stopped functioning totally when he used the Internet. Despite a number of complaints, nothing was done. Mr. Dass also claimed someone came to repair the telephone and told him that the company could not provide all the services especially the Internet one, as there was no "tower''. The representative promised that the tower would be installed in the nearby area soon. But unfortunately for Mr. Dass, he never got connected. For its part, Reliance Infocomm claimed that Mr. Dass's allegations have no basis as the connection was working fine as his bills indicated that the telephone line was being used extensively. The company further referred to a `clause' that clearly states that the service quality, functionality, availability and/or reliability may be affected or company is entitled to limit, suspend, disconnect and/or interrupt it without any reason. It also argued that the connection Mr. Dass subscribed to needed an antenna to be installed as per guidelines and that he was using the facility for commercial purposes, while he had applied for an individual use. Going through all the evidence, a bench of the consumer disputes redressal forum presided over by V.K Sharma set aside the objection of the company alleging that Mr. Dass was using the telephone for commercial use, as he had stated in the documents that the extension of the telephone would be used to run his NGO. The bench observed that Reliance Infocomm's defence that the extensive bills implies that the telephone was functioning well was not proof to establish that the connection was working well, as it could also mean that there were interruptions often. Stating that once the company advertises its facilities through the media, it was considered that there was infrastructure to meet these requirements of the consumer, the bench held the company guilty of deficiency in services for not fulfilling its promises.
  5. Top Rss Feeds On Mobile And Gmail

    Hello friends, The latest version 0.7 of Gmail WAP is now installed at: http://gmail.harsh.co.in/ it allows almost all regular features of gmail like search (which is the latest feature of v 0.7). If you experience any problem with this version you can always visit the old version at http://www.harsh.co.in/gmobile/ Thanks.
  6. Suggest me a New Handset

    3105 is currently available in my city for 5.1K. Somesay it may cost around 4.9K in the near furture here....
  7. Nokia & R-World, Why Nokia Don't Hv R-World

    Go ahead kshah please share them..
  8. Nokia & R-World, Why Nokia Don't Hv R-World

    I am really surprised with no reply's for this post... anyway i want to answer this with my mind... (And kshah its really strange, do check the intigrity of that person.) i like to mention i have no contacts for insider information with anyone in NOKIA or at reliance. secondly i am a great fan of Nokia mobile but currently using LG 2130..(need to know how i am forced for this transition go here -> http://www.rimweb.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3096&hl= First of all i think biggest problem with RIM Nokia mobile is they can't go for streaming video... and the colour is usuall 4k instead of 65k... someone somewhere told me that it is because of huge inventory of such screens which nokia complied (and that turned out to be a mistake.) and most of these sets are made for other countries which dont have operators providing WAP compatability and features like Rworld. They were as is provided for RIM with minor changes. secondly i really dont think reliance can instruct Nokia not to provide rworld (considering Nokia CDMA handsets are made basically for both TATA and RIM) ... and more importantly RIM get revenue from it and even when it was free everyone was aware that its going to be pay (as they were extending free period again and again). Now if nokia is not providing the royalty to Qualcomm it should be cheap.. (I may be wrong here ). At the end I like to say that " I keep on exploring the possibility of returning to Nokia handset with every new launch of handset from them"
  9. Rss Feed For This Forum On Wap

    Nope it works.... you can check my test site i mentioned on Rworld forum point your jBrowser to http://feed.harsh.co.in/ I also find worth mentioning this page, http://www.webreference.com/xml/column16/2.html Thanks
  10. Top Rss Feeds On Mobile And Gmail

    Thanks anujit for the comment. Regarding gmail, i would have asked the same question if i were you, and that why i built my own page. Anyway I can assure that I have nothing which can play with loggers privacy..
  11. Top Rss Feeds On Mobile And Gmail

    Hello friends I have created a WAP site to test the RSS feeds on the RIM mobiles. view them at http://feed.harsh.co.in/ feed include top 30 rss feeds from Mobile News, Internet, Yahoo, news etc.. more details of WML-RSS project at http://sourceforge.net/ #### You can also view the latest Gmail wap site at http://gmail.harsh.co.in (reliable tested version at http://harsh.co.in/gmobile/) which include most features like invite, contacts etc.. this site is already hosted elsewhere by many other users also. details of gmobile at http://sourceforge.net/ if you know any good WAP projects or sites please let me know...
  12. Rss Feed For This Forum On Wap

    Hello, recently i searched for RSS feed reader available on WAP. Now i thought this will help user to get information on their mobiles from this site also. only thing is that we need to have the rss feed available for this forum. i found www.rss2wap.com on related to this
  13. Read/Write/Delete your Yahoo/Hotmail

    Helo friends, i think most of you know this already but i like to bring your attention as a previous post to mine i saw many dont know how to access yahoo mail directly. since Yahoo India is blocked, you have to visit wap.yahoo.co.uk and not wap.yahoo.co.in now select Mail and then you can enter your username and password in a usual manner. only problem with this site is that only @yahoo.com address will work, those having address as yahoo.co.in will not find it work.. i hope reading this reliance people dont block this page also as i use it everyday with a very good speed..
  14. My Experience With Rim

    well the problem with 2280 is that it is not activated by reliance, they say it as auteff, you need to talk to the technical persons at web world, i think only reliance can solve your problem, you may better keep calling customer care, hoping an intelligent executive may attend your call next time, prefer calling at night to get better response... best of luck Harsh.
  15. My Experience With Rim

    Hello friends, I am a prepaid user of RIM for last 8 months. And already i have experiences as if they are gained over 8 years... ok let me start it... I had been using the Airtel for last 3 years on their post paid plan till July 2004 then i decided to go for RIM (on Nokia 2280) after being convinced by a marketing agent who told me the benefits of the Rworld. And i really started enjoying the Rworld's rSurf item, like checking email on the move.. Now on october last year suddenly my Handset died. (that's what Nokia care told me) Now after long painfull 21 days i was given my set back, with a problem that i can't make a single call because its not been reprogrammed by reliance.(they call it- set dont have Auteff or whatever). Reason- previously they say they can program the set with a single call *228 now unfortunatly that number is reserved for GSK and HCC.. So at webworld they emailed in front of me to the Handset division of reliance and ask to wait for 12-24 hours. i contacted the customer care after these hours and webworld but they say they are processing the complain... and after around 36 hours i started calling customercare from my landline phone after every 3 hours. And each time they ask before listning my case "whether you have balance- oh sir do you have validity- etc.." finally when they got me i have spent 10 calls from landline...Finally when i said i giving them a fairwell if my handset is not reactivated within 3 hours i got a calll with in 40 minutes from a Navi Mumbai development centre and asked to dial *228 and my set become all fine... Having gone through all this experience i decided to change my handset using the HCC i decided to go for a NOKIA 2112 after consulting with customer care, They told me i will be able to use all Rworld Application excluding Video.. including the the Rsurf for which i specifically asked... now when i purchased Nokia2112 and got my number on it i found Rsurf absent. This time CC said 2112 dose not have Rsurf. now i complained to chairman via email and i was sent a letter of apology saying that my letter is forwarded to the concerned department... and that's it.. Now i decided to go for a LG 2130 without a number change so that i can use Rsurf for a through away price of 2300/- on prepaid but again it has lots of bug and i was asked to reinsatall a neww software... All this has given me no benefits infact i have suffered huge loss both in terms of holding and not holding the activated set...like calling from landline to get it activated visitng webworld and nokia care centres.... I advice all of you before going for RIM to please keep one thing in mind that "Seeing is Believing in reliance"... Thanks for all of you for contributing to this forum otherwise we are all in the dark...