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  1. Dear, You can use Paytm.com as well for online recharging. It is safe and Secure.
  2. Hi Friends, I just went to Reliance web world, here in ahmedabad, for activating of Roaming pack. they told me that from immediate effect all Roaming pack/offers has been cancelled. Because all type of Roaming charges are going to be cancelled w.e.f. 1st January, 2012. Kindly confirm with your local/nearest Reliance web world and pls. post here. bye bye.
  3. It was like, in denominations of Rs. 20 ,40,60,100,200,500
  4. At last some lucrative offer declared by Reliance mobile on this Festivals. Yesterday Reliance has declared DOUBLE TALK-TIME offer for CDMA & GSM Prepaid customers, in Gujarat. Refer 1st/Front page, Divyabhaskar -Ahmedabad edition dtd. 17/10/2011. I am not sure for Rest of circles in India.
  5. You can recharge online, through www.paytm.com for all sort of denominations as well, by debit card,netbanking or credit card. Even you can recharge for your data card and DTH too. And eligible for attractive offers.
  6. Lg Rd 6600 !

    Dear Friends, I am having LG RD6600, residing at Ahmedabad. I have the same problem with keypad, it already loosen. my one yr.warranty period just expired. Do the LG Service centre help me ???? a)I am very much unsatisfied with Mirror-Finish of LG RD6600, it is quite trouble viewing screen in Sun Light, is there any way out. Here some of friend has informed that Reliance Info. has insisted LG to make this handset with mirror finishing screen. Is there any way out to solve this problem ??? Is it sure that, this hand set accepts 2 GB memory card and working fine with the same. ?? c) What is better advisable to transfer data , card reader or data cable ??? Where should i get the same ? - Paresh shah
  7. Lg Rd 6600 !

    Dear Sreeranga, It is very appreciatable that you have shared here your communication done with Reliance & LG. I am ready to support you if we want to take up this matter seriously with Reliance & Consumer court.......etc.... IT is really very difficult to attend the phone/see the display while we are on the move/Road...... -Paresh Shah "in Full Sun light , it is very difficult to see the screen of mobile" This is no where said in the manuals or on the websites of both LG and Reliance. Does this so called feature serve any purpose....
  8. Lg Rd 6600 !

    Dear Abhishek, But, due to this feature, in Full Sun light , it is very difficult to see the screen of mobile.............. do u have any idea to sort out this problem.....?
  9. yes, I do understand, but we have fully dedicated corporate connxn, though it has given me problem three times. Thats why i asked for small file, if possible.
  10. Dear Dr. Ali, I am getting much trouble to download .RAR files from Rapidshare of your instruental mp3 ringtones, since it is a big compressed file.I have a broad band connection. Can i get this file in smaller part. or links of smaller parts. Regards, Paresh shah
  11. Maximum External Memory Supported By Lg Rd6600

    Hi, RAvi Are u sure, You are using 2 GB memory Card on LG RD 6600 ??????? The maximum ext memory capacity is 2 GB. I am using a 2GB card with this phone. no problems.
  12. Thank you very much dost, keep it updating version too.
  13. New Handsets Lg Rd3500 And Rd6100

    @ Ritesh, I think Late receipt of SMS is due to traffic congestion at Service Provider's side, It doesnt relates with model of handset. and with reliance it is not a news item. it happens oftenly. Maine 30-Apr-08 ko LG 6100 liya tha. Lekin is mobile me SMS incoming bahot late ho raha hai. Maine LG k Service Centre me Sofware bhi Upgrade karva aur Reliance k Customer care me bhi complain ki hai, liya lekin uske bad bhi koi fayda nahi hua hai. Pls help me for this.
  14. New Handsets Lg Rd3500 And Rd6100

    Hello Vijay, is there any one ranging between 3k to 5k, in Reliance CDMA ?
  15. New Handsets Lg Rd3500 And Rd6100

    Dear Friends, Will u pls. tell me (your exp.) about new LG 6100 cdma handset, as i m thinking to shift from my LG RD 2030 (due to non availability of original battery) to LG 6100. -Paresh shah, ahmedabad