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  1. Reliance Pro 3 Speed Test

    I am also the subscriber of this same Reliance Pro 3 data card. But this one is giving poor speed at my home in sector 7 Gurgaon area. only upto 1Mbps in day, upto 2Mbps in night. Also, the 999 truly unlimited exists but only for few locations like mumbai, pune, bangalore etc. not in Delhi Gurgaon circle.
  2. I have also seen such tower in my area Old city Gurgaon Sent from my Windows Phone using Tapatalk
  3. Google Nexus 7 Tablet

    can we buy it directly from India?
  4. Please Suggest Thinnest GSM Mobile Phone

    you can also try your hands on the new blackberry curve phones, they are also very slim
  5. as per ebay images it looks like the mini-USB port , you can get the mini-USB cable for cheap at local markets, and also there are usb chargers from good brands like luminous (inverter company) in market.
  6. thanks Rajan my account is also upgraded to 25 Gigs
  7. Collect Your Freebies !

    thanks Kamal bhai for the P & G offers
  8. is it available in Delhi-NCR circle? please confirm?...and can I use it as Wi-Fi hot-spot to my laptop
  9. seems value for money, but hands on will prove it
  10. Best Network In Delhi?

    MTS Rocks ! and if you need GSM then go for Airtel
  11. TATA Docomo Premium Numbering

    recently I purchased tata docomo number ending in xxxx123111 from haryana circle all for rs.350 with rs.100 talktime
  12. Suggestions Required For A Dual SIM Handset

    you can also consider Nokia 101 , basic phone with basic mp3 player (expandable memory slot) only