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  1. need to buy this camera canon 5d mark III if anybody can help me out of this please reply ! Regards Shyam
  2. Guys thanx for all u r support ! Finally the dell xcd35 confirmed Dell xcd35 is the best choice over all android phones in this price range available in india with great warranty by dell india ( replacement warranty confirmed by dell support ) Thank you all Sent from my HERO200 using Tapatalk
  3. M lil bit confused in between lg optimus and dell xcd 35 400 cash diffrance but more headache Guys please give star rating for both and explain why ? That may be good help for all Sent from my HERO200 using Tapatalk Sent from my HERO200 using Tapatalk
  4. @ racoon dude wht kind of dust problem ? @ rajan need to buy optimus please suggest me good offer Sent from my HERO200 using Tapatalk
  5. Ne good offer for nokia c5-03 online ! Letsbuy sold out Sent from my HERO200 using Tapatalk
  6. hey guys ! need some help ! need to gift one android to my wife under 10k if there any of them please reply me ! Stereo fm needed + tough one ! Galaxy 551 is good deal but one shop keeper told me that it has some problem with that slider strip so company stopped its production ! some one please clear it ! btw i am new to lets buy ! how to get discounted price please temme ! Regrads Shyam
  7. L1 is Dead.... get a Life

    guys we are discussing this problem or we are makin it big ? hope u all will understand ! we need solution not a problem what we have faced till right now ! by the way ...... i got info that they are giving plan 299 with unlimited data browsing downloading without NUC can somebody please confirm ! Regards Shyam
  8. L1 is Dead.... get a Life

    Hi all ! We have better reason to move on ! Thank god MNP is here ! REgards Shyam
  9. L1 is Dead.... get a Life

    hey hi guys ! can somebody tell me ? i've checked mine data usage via webworld its showing 130.75 (unbilled data usage ) so how much they will gonna charge mee ? Regards Shyam
  10. Please Suggest A Handset !

    Lolz i wont Read any ladies mind thats true ! i was telling her to get mobile from Cdma What does she choose u knw ! ? Sony Ericsson w595i ! Regards Shyam
  11. Please Suggest A Handset !

    What About Sony Ericsson TM 506 ????
  12. Hi Guys i want to buy one Handset to gift my wife ! budget 5-7k ! Multimedia Supported + GSM( Bcoz she's having premium no. ) + Atleast 2 mp Cam ! is there any Choice ??? & guys please give u r most important Review bcoz someone will get help from our discussion ! give u r review for best ladies phones ! Regards Shyam
  13. Baught Hero ! Regards Shyam
  14. As Always Dheerajji useful post ! YOU ROCKS ! Thanx & +1 for this ! Regards Shya,