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  1. For prepaid they offer 1.2 ps for 2 sec valid for 90 days Looking for Postpaid MNP offer, I have 3 Docomo connections for porting.
  2. Any info about IDEA Maharashtra retention or MNP offer ?
  3. I have received Supervalue 349 plan, where rental is 349, first 1500 minutes free, 500 local / national sms free, 200mb data free, calling 30ps & 50ps.
  4. In M & G circle, Idea & Vodafone has best coverage, unfortunately their offers are not . If somebody has offer from Idea / VOdafone, plz post or contact on 09370907799.
  5. Currently I am on POSTPAID RCDMA network having three connections, I am looking for GSM postpaid corporate plan forn IDEA GSM. Can somebody suggest ? Santosh Jain 09370907799
  6. Latest Reliance CDMA PRL Needed

    I downloaded attached PRL and installed HSD PRL...but found earlier version ( i.e.0005) when I checked in SOFTWARE option.
  7. Need Advice For Printer Purchase

    I want to exchange my Canon MX328, is there any agency which offers buyback option ?
  8. HTC Desire VC - Network Name Showing Differently

    Is it dual active ? I mean what happen if somebody call on GSM line when you are talking on CDMA line ? What message goes to GSM caller ?
  9. Please suggest Dual SIM CDMA+GSM handset

    Riteshji... HTC Desore VC is comming .... Dual Sim CDMA + GSM
  10. Yesss...It's available in Gujrat Circle, confirmed by CC Not in Maharashtra yet
  11. :prevous: Yes, even I checked same with CC, I got same reply.
  12. Custom ROM for HTC EVO 4G

    Thanks for reply...
  13. I have rooted my HTC EVO 4G recently. I am looking for custom ROM. I want to know best and latest ROM for my HTC EVO 4g. Also want to know custom ROM which can improve Battery talk time. Santosh Jain
  14. How To Remove System Apps From HTC EVO 4G 2.3?

    Thanks for replies.. All these works if your phone is ROOTED, I am looking for system app remover for unrooted phone .