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  1. Blackberry Handset With Tata Bis/bes Services

    hi Could u please call me back once again ?? thanks
  2. Blackberry Handset With Tata Bis/bes Services

    Hi. If u dont mind can u please give me the settings for the dolphin sim card for blackberry services as I have dolphin card and would like to use it in a blackberry Thanks Hey Lavi , No problem at all kindly note down the settings for Prepaid and Postpaid conections. APN (Access point name) type in for post-paid : gprsmtnlmum for pre-paid : gprsppsmum Enter User name:"mtnl" & Password: "mtnl123" and select Save. that's it , you have done. Let me know.
  3. Blackberry Handset With Tata Bis/bes Services

    hey it ll b a great news if it works with tata....i m also lookin for this in kerala. when i called cc here they told me that we cant use bis/bes if we purchase it from outside dont worry amit i am planning to do with almost fool proof..... will get the results max by end of this month,!
  4. Hi , i just got the Blackberry 8830 WE handset from Sadik Bhai,.... Its working perfect with my MTNL Mumbai Dolphin Connection. GPRS works smoother... ! Only one problem is that i was unable to Download the Google Maps from the net... The *.JAD file extention was not supported by the handset.. as in there was some browser settings conflict. Please post the Solution to this problem, If any.. I am also Negotiating with TATA Indicom PPl in Karnataka State, they are ready to give me any blackberry plans, Along with the BIS/BES and the voice plans as mentioned on their site at an "X" cost with a Premium number series. I've already forwarded the ESN and the PIN Etc.. details to them they found it ok and now they have asked me to send the handset for Programing it with the TATA software which will make this handset working same like handset provided by TATA stores with full privilage to access the respective services.
  5. Reliance Netconnect Broadband Plus On Evdo

    Best is Bsnl's Plan 100% free at nominal price. visit http://www.bsnl.co.in/newsdetailed.php?news_id=370
  6. Samsung Max Available With Reliance

    samsung max @ 6800 in mumbai. available at Alfa.
  7. Spice Launches Dual Phone

    guys check this out. spice has launched its first dual band or dual network handset. http://spicemobile.in/model_spec_D88.aspx
  8. Car Charger For Fwp And Fwt Phones

    u can mail me yr details. thanks
  9. Car Charger For Fwp And Fwt Phones

    boss, its a car inverter. u can convert 12v to 220/230 a.c. volts. u can connect your standard charger, charge yr laptop etc/... it can take load up to 600watts.
  10. Car Charger For Fwp And Fwt Phones

    hi ayush, U can get the car charger from me. It will cost u about Rs.5,000.00 for the universal charger. do let me know about your requirements. thanks. chandraprakash.lohar@gmail.com
  11. Pc Sync Software-needed

  12. Software For Enabling R-uim Slot In Nokia

    Can anybody tell me where can i get RUIM enabled in Bangalore hi srini, here in mumbai i'm getting nokia 6225 cdma ruim enabled from gray mkt for around 4.5k or so. also i'm planning to visit Bangalore on 14th feb' 07. let me know if u wan i can get the exact pricing & stuff for u . thanks chandraprakash.lohar 09322221070 hi here in mumbai i'm getting nokia 6225 cdma ruim enabled from gray mkt for around 4.5k or so.let me know if u wan i can get the exact pricing & stuff for u . thanks chandraprakash.lohar 09322221070
  13. dear hetal, i'm unable to send sms trought your software. every time i connect to the phone, it gives me an eror message that port is beign used be some other process also while starting the server it gives problem of JIT. pl. help thanks chandraprakash.lohar 9322221070
  14. hi sanjay can u plz tell me the detailed procedure by which u got connected your 6235 with yr laptop?? i'm also using laptop & th esame phone but couldn't send a single sms. pl. help thanks chandraprakash.
  15. hey hetal, hi its chandraprakash from mumbai. does yr software support nokia 6225 cdma?? let me know. thanks. chandraprakash.lohar@gmail.com 09322221070 ----------------- I myself Sometime Load 8000 to 10000 SMS in one Go But Before Delete all Sent SMS and Save it One More Tip If you have Landline to your Mobile Call is Free Just make a Call to Mobile Accept and Keep it on Hold and Then Try to Send the SMS it will Send at the Speed of 60 SMS / Minute Hetal Patel