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  1. Nokia 6255 Revisited

    this link is not working. Please send another link urgently plz.
  2. Vande Mataram Ring Tone

    can you send the MMS the tone of Vandemataram to my no 09312289231
  3. Incoming MMS on LG 6130

    Yes yaar me also facing the same problem and no one telling me and helping me about the new MMS site
  4. Incoming MMS on LG 6130

    Anyone know other site to send free MMS to reliance phones? MMS prtal is not working these days
  5. Suggest me a New Handset

    I am using now LG6130. but i am planning to buy new NOKIA handset. i found to new sets named 6225 and 6255. AS i i heard the 6255 have R world and MMs Facility, but i donot know anything about 6225. Mainly i want FM, infrared or bluetooth and camera.please suggest me which is best and what is the cost for both of this handset?
  6. All about LG 6130 - Camera Phone

    I am using this handset 6130 since dec3,2005, earlier i transfered MMS froms gmail and rediff, but after april it stopped then i came to know about the Portal after that i am ransfering MMS wallpaper and ringtone since now but i donot know reliance persons charging for DAPO customer. Now i am planning to but Nokia 6225, can anyone tell me about this handset and the cost in delhi?
  7. All About Nokia 6255

    Hi i am interested can you please call me on 9312289231 and tell me about this handset sundar
  8. Share ur RIM Numbers...

    hi me sundar and my number is 9312289231. send me some cool messages.
  9. these are few Devotional ringtone(IN HIndi) may be this plays only on real player gayatri_mantra.wav
  10. Bitpim For Lg6130

    Hi I am trying to download the bitpim. but not able to find it it. can anyone of my groupmembers helpp me from where to download and what version and is it will work on LG 6130 handset?
  11. Lg Link

    Hi i bought this lg software from local dealer and only desktop lite is working with my cell but whenever i try to connect the LG link started it is saying that check the connection. can anyone helpme how to rectify this problem?
  12. Mms Not Working

    yes me too not able to send MMS throu portal
  13. Incoming MMS on LG 6130

    Hello everybody MMS from internet to reliance is stopped and they delivering only reliance to reliance phones and they stopped the net facility i asked the customer service (*333) they donot know anything about this. what funny answer is this. Is anyone know about this? What waste after spending 7oo to buy handset and they charged MMS and even not delivering it.
  14. Hi i saw this from one site. i am trying this but this is not going as sms. If anyone know about thisplease tell me SMS can be sent to reliance mobile phones using the format 91+mobilenumber@ri.irisme.net .But the email has to be sent as an email message from a mobile phone. The message will not be delivered if it is sent from a normal email account.
  15. Tweaking LG 6130

    Its true pictures are not coming on +91931......... but ringtone are coming. even as suggested by you 0931.......... is also not working. My LG sync is also not working as i spoken to LG customer they are saying you have to activate your phone as Modem then only u can access the pc sync. Is it correct? Is anyone using both desktop lite and pc sync correctly? pl sms me on 9312289231