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  1. kamal bhai m dissapointed after purchasing this handset,yesterday more than 10 times my handset got restart automatically,whenever i check dialled/recieved/missed call list by pressing right/left key phone gets restart,usually it used to get restart once daily but yesterday it was hoorrible using this handset.

    i have allready made a visit to spice service centre,at that time he said he has fully upgraded software version(right now it is v02.05) but still it gets restart,also fm radio does not work properly,shows disturbance if u make movement with the handset.

  2. @ Rocky

    Tell me one thing in rworld have u tried to open any wallpapers & saved them to your handset? If so then the wallpaper covers the whole screen of your handset,actually in my spice handset wallpapers do get open but are in small size and does cover whole screen even after saving it.

    When i emailed this to reliance CC,i got call back from them & that guy told me that reliance has not tie-up with spice so if your able to use rworld applications it's fine,but from our side we can't help u.(But reliance themselves are selling spice handsets in webworld so how can give such stupid reply?)

  3. @ Rocky

    Exactly same issue am facing,i m using spice c 810 handset,previously i used to use lg 5130 handset so the mobile number was inbuilt & now that old number is in the sim card

    i emailed to service assurance cell and i got ditto same reply to upgrade my version with spice service centre...reset clear memory all tht...

    i have allready given my handset to spice service centre as i had some issue regarding voice clarity that has been resolved,tht guy said he has also upgraded latest version on my cell but still while opening application it's showin error msg this one "install application failed you won't be charged (1281)"

    now i guess i will try using rworld by using someone's else simcard and then let me see wether rworld is getting connected or not.

  4. Finally today i purchased this handset,liked it very much.

    I have some queries how to install Rworld in this handset? i went through old posts in this forum & found some username password mentioned where should i use this things?

    also m not much happy with voice clarity while talking to someone,is there any option regarding clarity available?(like in lg phone there is standard/enhanced option)

  5. It's been more than 3 months this application has been removed from rworld,i emailed to customer care regarding this wether this application will be launched again in future or not..they said they have no idea.

  6. Hello Guys,My bro uses this handset LG3100,he is unable to save mp3 tones,there is one option of mp3 tones but wnever tht tone is opened no music is available.

    there are 2 rworld in this handset & he tries this from the new rworld option..

    has anyone tried to download mp3 tone from rworld? he asked me to ask this query on this forum..