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  1. If I don't avail 0f prime and don't recharge by any amount after 31 March , will I still be able to make local calls ? I don't care if data is disabled . Sent from my HM 1S
  2. ^^ Shivaji Park . Under McDonald's . Sent from my Moto E
  3. Ported to Jio from Tata Docomo Mumbai in 5 days . No problems . Sent from my Le X526 using Tapatalk
  4. Same here . Received sms after 4gb cap was over . After some time full speed download again enabled . Maybe 5min later . This was last week . I don't download 4gb a day mostly ... so could not test the limit again . Sent from my SM-G900H
  5. How ? Does not show up in my Vodafone app for me in Mumbai ? I get 147/375mb for 28 days . Sent from my HM NOTE 1LTE
  6. Seeing the amount of call drops and the drastic reduction in data download speed I'm sure I will not port my primary or secondary number to Jio . I might ditch the sim after the free period is over . I had got my sim before the free offer with my galaxy note 5 , so at that time there was no rush at the shop and activation too was done in a day . Download speeds too were good back then . Sent from my HM NOTE 1LTE
  7. Moto E 2015 LTE XT1526 to work with Reliance CDMA

    OT I use my jio sim in my non volte redmi note 4g with jio join and in my volte enabled galaxy note 5 . Both seem to work . So jio join not wotking after putting sim in non volte handset may not be true . Sent from my GT-I9500
  8. In Mumbai I am getting patch data connection . Calls to Vodafone just don't get through . Calls to Mtnl dolphin and Tata Docomo get through with no problems . Data speeds to are almost always below 10mbps with very frequent disconnects . It's free so I can't complain . Else I would've changed the service provider long back . Sent from my HM NOTE 1LTE
  9. My jpo to valid till 27 oct is converted to welcome offer . I got sms telling me that and reconfirmed from my Jio app . My plan has changed . Sent from my Le X526
  10. Ah .. sorry bro didn't get the sarcasm ... Get it now .. [emoji13] Sent from my GT-I9300
  11. Apologies if I offended anyone here . Been a loyal tata docomo customer in Mumbai from CDMA days . Have 2 CDMA numbers and ported 2 to tata GSM due to lack of new handsets available legally in India . I use 2g on GSM on my 2 docomo GSM connections forever waiting for 3g to come to Mumbai , whereas my 2 CDMA phones are on dumb Samsung non feature phones for calling only . Correction .. I have 3 do como GSM numbers not 2 as previously mentioned by me . Sent from my SM-G900H
  12. Avoid has increased data pack size but not reduced cost . I guess they will do it once jio launches other wise everyone will abandon avoid and port out . Sent from my SM-G900H
  13. Any idea if we will atleast get 3g in Mumbai? Or we shall be stuck here in 2g forever. From what I gather , tata isn't interested investing in infrastructure here in Mumbai anymore . Sent from my GT-I9500
  14. Hi I have a Samsung note 5 and a Redmi note 4g . I had to show my note 5 in Mumbai to obtain my sim . After doing this i am using the jio sim in my Redmi note 4g . No problems . All activations done on my note 5 after which i am using the active sim on my Redmi note 4g .
  15. Tried it today . It does work on my Redmi note 4g . Sent from my HM NOTE 1LTE