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  1. just recharged my MiFi prepeaid in Jaipur and got to know that balance doesnt shows in "check My Balance" and when i called up customer care got the info that i have got 20GB UNLTD ;D and after 20GB 64kbps . .LOLz . . . 64kbps is like walking barefoot after you have got a ride in car!
  2. you probably didnt see my earlier post in the same thread with speedtest results. nevermind, what i am saying is to check online in some manner to determine the network type and band etc. In Jaipur for a couple of days, staying at Bani Park.. Check the speedtest results.. I got my plan converted to 999 - 40GB unltd by mailing mts c.care and got a confirmation today.. <a href="http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3369504794"><img src="http://www.speedtest.net/result/3369504794.png" /></a> This is what I get speeds of MTS in Jaipur! . . from day 1 I am using MTS MiFi , the speeds are very good . . . . Lemme recharge with 999/- and let me also konw the benefits of 999/-
  3. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    @vahid Earlier i used to enjoy EvDO on the same device and also when i send sms to 55444 with HSD, it says, EvDO is already active on your number! and secondly how to check: "Is nv File for evdo is written on s3?"
  4. EVDO Reactivation / Shifting To New Device

    I have Sprint S3, earlier i was using Nexus s 4g, now when i transferred my Number onto S3, after deactivation o HSD on old device, and activating HSD on new device, i am unable to use EVDO on new device, the device is still running on 1xRTT. can anyone guide me . . . .
  5. Amazing Post! You mention data working perfectly, still want guidance on how to get data! dear rajan ji, that was a typo, I was to mention that sms and calls working perfectly! . . . Sorry for typo error!
  6. can anyone guide how to get data on Iphone 4 verizon, i have transferred number and calls and data working perfectly . .
  7. I had finalised Xolo Q500 for my mom, any suggestions better than that
  8. Also found Brother 7055/7065 these are also looking good choice, 7055 is @ Rs.8000/- whereas 7065 is at Rs. 13000/- with Adf and duples printing. shopkeeper also advised me to go for minolta PSCF, at 14K with 2 year onsite warranty. . . .
  9. Dear members, I am planning to buy a LASER monochrome PSC. I have shortlisted to HP M1136, Can i get any good suggestions or deals on this or any better option? akshat support@ankurgases.com
  10. I am using the same MTS MiFi for almost 3 months, got that for Rs 2299/- . . .
  11. he he . . it worked with outlook! . .bingo will try tonite . . thanks Hitesh!
  12. I Host my Email on Google Apps, and want to show someone that i had sent an email 8 months ago . . . . . .
  13. dear members, I have a question which i am unable to solve, Can we send emails in Back date? If yes how? Earlier we used to send by outlook . . . .but in todays date it seems impossible.... can anyone help!????