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  1. In Box you cannot edit files on your mobile If you have to change anything you have to do it on pc then it is synced to Mobile
  2. try the new whatsapp from the site it also has the option to disable photo download and also has option to auto download video and images over wifi
  3. New Online Reservation Website For Indian Railways

    Kudos to IRCTC website ! Reeling under attempts by Chinese hackers to hack DRDO computers and access highly sensitive information, DRDO has decided to move all its confidential data to the IRCTC server. The move has been lauded by cyber-security experts as a fool-proof method to secure computers from hackers. “I just can’t see Chinese attackers cracking this one. Just the excruciating torture of waiting for the IRCTC home-page will make them tear out their hair in frustration,” opined leading cyber-espionage expert, Rakesh Duggal. The IRCTC server will have 3 rings of security. First, hackers will have to be able to access the homepage, an act that is virtually impossible when they have to jostle with millions of Indians attempting to book tickets. If they get past that, they will have to try and meaningfully engage with the IRCTC server. And finally, if the server is about to throw up relevant information, the odds are that it will crash. All in all, the chances of hacking the IRCTC server are less than 1 in a trillion which makes it the most hack-proof IT system in the world. The IRCTC’s impregnability has also drawn effusive praise from world leaders including US President Obama, who has put in a request to shift technological blueprints of new weapons systems to the Indian railway booking portal. An initially skeptical Obama changed his mind after personally trying in vain to book an online ticket from New Delhi to Kanpur, and has not stopped raving ever since about its technological sophistication. “Thanks to IRCTC we can now rest easy. All credit to Bansal and his team for developing this fantastic system,” said Obama in his congratulatory message to the Indian Railway Minister. Meanwhile, Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has asked Chinese hackers to roll off from trying to hack IRCTC and get back to Chinese sweat-shops. “Initially, we thought with sheer tenacity and persistence, our boys would be able to crack IRCTC. But after many started complaining of nervous break-downs and mental hallucinations, we've decided to back off. We may have a better rail network than the Indians, but clearly they are far ahead of us in ring proofing their systems,” Xi glumly told The UnReal Times.
  4. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    discount is not available now
  5. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    it is showing as 199 only what is the discount code
  6. Collect Your Freebies !

    There is no option to register on the site
  7. I wanted to port from vodafone to airtel as charges of vodafone were getting higher and they never informed about change in tariff plan I went to airtel outlet they explained the whole procedure but told to wait for some days before applying as there is some problem in porting due to some changes mad on 9th dec According to them some numbers were deactivated since the first operator ported out the number but the recipient operator could not activate it ( thus the number got lost between the operators and got permanently deactivated) Can anybody confirm the same
  8. look at the specs given it has ios 5 ?? resolution is 960 x 640 px ??? 4s 32 gb is for 42999 g 32 gb for 39999
  9. Collect Your Freebies !

    Received wella black and olay total effects today thru aramex courier When i searched for the courier details on aramex site it said the product was delivered to me on 20/08/2012 How can this happen do they just mention that products are delivered without actually delivering them
  10. Collect Your Freebies !

    I had ordered in feb but i have received only gillette fusion till now had complained on their site twice but no reply
  11. TRAI had recently said that it would redefine the broadband speed by upto 2 MBPs then how can it limit it to 256 kbps again
  12. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    in facebook app if the contact has the same mobile number registered with facebook which you have in phonebook the will merge automatically and it will show the facebook pic there