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  1. Please suggest CDMA Smartphone for ~Rs.20K

    Thanks Karthik... Wonderful buying experience from Hitesh. He extended excellent support during activation and I really appreciate his availability during all this process. Thanks Hitesh! Got Calkulin's e4gt mod 2.8.1. Enjoying every bit - it is *Fast*. Yet to explore more of the phone. Awaiting my data plan activation now.
  2. Please suggest CDMA Smartphone for ~Rs.20K

    @Dhiraj.. Was actually convinced after reading your review. So finally have gone for E4GT. Thanks.
  3. Please suggest CDMA Smartphone for ~Rs.20K

    Karthik.. your post has made me want the E4GT all the more. I think I will raise the budget a bit and go for it. HiteshK has already convinced me to raise the budget. I'll buy from him. So finally Epic Touch it is. Thanks a lot friends for all your help.
  4. Please suggest CDMA Smartphone for ~Rs.20K

    Thanks a lot for replies. I think I should wait for S2 price drop. Seems to be a better option for me. I don't think waiting for a tablet with voice will be a wise decision. or will it be?
  5. Hi friends, Thanks for loads of wonderful information on this site. I am on reliance CDMA and looking for a new smartphone. Currently I am using verizon blackberry 8330 bought from Dr. Muffadal. ' Ideally, a good tablet with voice-calling is what I prefer - so that I can work on it while I talk (bluetooth). None found so far. Best handset I have figured is Samsung Galaxy Touch S2 Epic 4G. But unfortunately it is exceeding my budget (~20K). Is there any phone that is next best thing to this one - in the given budget? Or shall I wait a bit and go for this phone only? -- Regards, Nik
  6. Beginners Guide To Android

    This is great source of information. I am planning to go for android and this topic has been helpful. Thanks guys..Added to favourites.
  7. Data Plans For Reliance Mobile CDMA Explained

    nice info.. many thanks..