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    Well, i like everything related with science an technology. Apart from that, i like to play chess and cricket.

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  1. Ya guys, just sign up for the stuff....Its for real, years of hard research by the Giant Google has paid off finally...I saw this stuff in discovery some years back...The only glitch in signing up is that u need a credit card number to buy the installation kit stuff...I u can get hold of a credit card, just go for it
  2. Rohit Nametone for all the Rohits out there in mp3 and .amr formats enjoy Rohit_Nametone.amr Rohit_Nametone.mp3
  3. Dear Mods, Why am i not able to attach the files directly to the post? Uploading the files on other sites is a long process. It will save me some time if i am able to upload the ringtones right here. Please help. Regards.
  4. GURU Ring tome guru bahi theme tune http://www.sharebigfile.com/file/70060/guru-bhai-amr.html Friends, do post some reviews
  5. Word Assosiation

  6. Word Assosiation

  7. RIMweb Turns 3 ! Yipeee !

    Oh!! I missed the fest.... But better late than Never... HAPPIE BURD DAY RIMWEB
  8. Hey Basant, this does not sems to be the new Airtel Ringtone which KamaniPillai is talking abt. Its pretty old. I have the same thing in Midi also.
  9. World Wrestling Entertainment

    Hey People, Just Check out this Monsterous Giant from India who has made his entry in the World of WWE. He is named 'The Great Khali'. He stands at 7 Foot 3 and weighs 420 pounds, and has started his WWE career with a feud with the UNDERTAKER!!! by knocking him out. He is the largest wrestler ever seen by WWE and is even bigger than he Undertaker. In real life, he hails from Punjab\ HP and is in Punjab Police. His name is Dalip Singh. I also read that he had been crowned Mr. India in 1997 and 1998. Just check out this link for his photos, videos and profile. http://www.wwe.com/superstars/smackdown/thegreatkhali/ Just google for The Great Khali and you will see numerous blogs and sites related to him This guy is truly amazing and will put back some strength in the dying TRP ratings of WWE.
  10. There you go Usher, oops ....Asher Converted to 64 kbps mp3, 251 kb Streetwise.zip
  11. New Airtel ringtone? I have the Airtel polyphonic ringtone. But it is not new by any means. I have it in midi. I can convert it to other formats if u want. Reply fast if you are looking for the Airtel polyphonic ringtone.
  12. Introducing to all of you rimwebians Rock Tones from Rohit Rocker I have attached 6 amr format tones in the zip file including the following- Lost Prophets Chris Benoit (WWE) Big Show(WWE) Wheerrr....where is the big showw..... Kurt Angle(WWE) And 2 rocking DJ remixes And Good Bad and Ugly in amr Just give them a look, they are worth a try Enjoy... ROCKTONES.zip GoodBadUgly.zip
  13. Pune Plans To Be World's First 'wirefree' City

    What abt Bangalore? It is having most number of wifi spots currently.
  14. World Wrestling Entertainment

    People, See Wrestle Mania this SUNDAY, at 8:30 on Ten Sports. Some big matches this time.
  15. Quotas

    It has to be stopped. If one has to face the competition, one should do it using his own merit and not the caste system. Arjun Singh is a sukker, we hav seen him in the past. A day will come when the forward caste people will have to get reservations in order to compete with the backward classes. The backward classes should themselves oppose such a selfish policy which everyone knows is aimed at the vote bank. Do Hell with it