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  1. Sms outgoing problem

    hi.. I am facing many problems with my LG 7310 handset. first of all, to send any sms, its a 3 step procedure. first error I get is " Message Failed " then by clicking on resend it gives me " Network error " and then finally once in a while it says message sent successfully. I have already got its software upgraded, as suggested by a person who called me, as a reply to my complain on *333. one more thing.. many times I receive a blank message. its like I'll get the no from which the message has been sent, but the message would be blank except a with few weird characters . also the date n time stamp would be something like.. 11/23/22 3:00 AM. now the greatest of all... I just switched off my handset n turned it back on... guess wat ?? my inbox got erased. it got empty.. haha It has not even been 3 weeks since I have got the phone.. n this ****, I am already facing. I have already launched the complain 8 times.. n these ppl have not taken any damn action. everytime I hear this from them--> " we have checked it, theres no problem from our side. u pls ask ur friends to send u msgs n u too send n then see.." I am really pissed off !! pls