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  1. Tata Docomo Launched

    I'll not be having access to the internet till October. See you everybody in November! It was such a good experience being on the Rim Web forum. Thank you, everybody!!!
  2. Tata Docomo Launched

    No, I don't mean it's bad. Infact I used Tata Indicom on Nokia 6275 and it was a pretty good experience and even Blackberry is also available. Some very small issues like non-availability of USSD, difficulty of call-conferencing, Roaming issues, are few of the disadvantages that made me switch to GSM. It's just my personal opinion, these disadvantages could not be a problem for others at all. You can see millions of people in the USA and Canada are using CDMA. May be a few years from now we could all be using 'All-IP' phones which would connect to the internet for any sort of communication and GSM/CDMA would be a history.
  3. Tata Docomo Launched

    Just wondering if you are the authentic personnel from Tata DoCoMo? If yes, then "Welcome Aboard". Pleasure to have you here! It does seem to be as per the registered email address of the member. Thank you for the information! So we have someone authentic to address the issues.
  4. Tata Docomo Launched

    Tata Indicom certainly offers more value for money. Even in Andhra Pradesh they are ofering excellent offers. I bet no other service provider except for Reliance CDMA can compete with the tariff structure offered by Tata Indicom. If you use your phone just for voice calls and texting and would not care much about handset and being on CDMA network, then I would recommend Tata Indicom anytime! I have been with Tata Indicom and Airtel. Airtel has some of the highest tariffs in the entire India and I somehow don't like the CDMA network for some reasons, so I just hopped on to Tata DoCoMo which gives be best of both worlds (a Tata service and a GSM service). I have to admit that Tata Indicom offers more value for money currently, but I can't help using a GSM srvice.
  5. Tata Docomo Launched

    Dear Mr. Saket, Glad to know that Tata DoCoMo services are available at your place! I think it's hard to get a good number in pre-paid. It's better to take a post-paid connection OR even better wait till the MNP is launched and convert your current number or the number you love to Tata DoCoMo. You could take a pre-paid card in the mean time to experience and test the network at your place.
  6. Tata Docomo Launched

    Just wondering if you are the authentic personnel from Tata DoCoMo? If yes, then "Welcome Aboard". Pleasure to have you here!
  7. Tata Docomo Launched

    Dear Mr. Emad, As per your request I'm herewith sharing the manual GPRS settings of Tata DoCoMo for Nokia mobiles. 1) Dive In APN: TATA.DOCOMO.DIVE.IN Home page: http://divein.tatadocomo.com Proxy server: port: 8080 2) Internet APN: TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET 3) MMS APN: TATA.DOCOMO.MMS Home page: http://mmsc/ Proxy server: port: 8799
  8. Tata Docomo Launched

    Lately I have been through ALL of the major and popular Indian telecom based forums run by individuals and realized one thing. RIM WEB is the most classy and authentic discussion forum space!!! Members on this forum are more knowledgeable, more serious, well mannered, and above all helping in nature. I always feel as if I'm part of a professional team while I log on to this website. I'm very much glad and proud to be a member of this forum. Thank you Everybody !!!
  9. Tata Docomo Launched

    Dear Mr. Emad, My current Nokia phone is showing the components (like *web, *Multimedia, *Access point), but not allowing to edit the settings, hence I was unable to see the individual parameters of the configuration settings.
  10. Tata Docomo Launched

    Dear Mr. Shiva, I would like to inform you that the STV 25 (Juice Up) is available as stated on the website. Probably the retailer you approached might not be aware of this. In the retailer SIM card given to retailers there is a sub-menu called 'SPECIAL RECHARGE'. If they recharge through regular recharge sub-menu it will be considered a talktime value since Tata DoCoMo E-recharge for talk time is not fixed.....you can recharge anywhere between Rs. 10 to Rs.10,000. So what ever value he enters in the regular recharge sub-menu, whether it's 25 or 75 or 777, it will be considered as talktime by the server program. So the next time you visit that retailer, please tell him to recharge through SPECIAL RECHARGE sub-menu and insist that if he makes a mistake, you'll not pay him. If he says he doesn't know what a special recharge sub-menu is, then please tell him to "go to that sub-menu from where he does that Rs. 51 recharge", which every retailer does immediately after activation of a new number. I think you got this. Should you face any problem with regard to this, please feel free to post the same. The third-party retailer segment is woefully un-structured and they don't present with any professional behavior. We can't take the word from such third-party retailers and mistake the service provider for that. Best Regards
  11. Tata Docomo Launched

    Nice analysis, Mr. Ramesh!!
  12. Tata Docomo Launched

    Dear Mr. Vinayak Pai, Yes, the cell info display is functional in AP too. They are broadcasting the location name of the tower.
  13. Tata Docomo Launched

    Dear Mr. Babulu, It's interesting to know that you are from A.P. Well I took the connection 10th and the activation was completed in less than 5 minutes, then they recharged with 51 and handed over the SIM all this took around 10 minutes. I took my connection in Warangal. The delay you experienced could be due to two reasons.....one is server inability to handle high volumes of activations in very short time......second reason is the unprofessional personnel, as Tata DoCoMo has not yet set-up the authorized company outlets, it has to depend on 3rd party retailers and teams. The tariff details on the SIM pack are error, in reality it is one paisa per second. I'm using it now......talked on phone upto 4 hours till now. Don't worry about ISD tariffs yet.....sometime soon they will launch cheaper rates like Tata Indicom which is offering ISD (USA/UK landlines) at Rs. 1.5 as a monthly add-on pack. About the CC, It's too early to criticize anything about their services, It's just less than 75 hours the services were launched in A.P. I'm able to connect to CC in less than 10 seconds......I'm not joking........If you wish you can call me at 9030-575-397 and I'll connect to CC through conference call. Please visit the retailer and tell him that other retailers have no problem on activations and strongly insist that you want the activation right now no matter what, because these 3rd party retailers are playing games sometimes by giving first priority to their friends and acquaintances. Hope they launch the company outlets soon.
  14. Tata Docomo Launched

    Dear Mr. Sonam Kumar, Yes!! I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. I'm extremely delighted now. The SIMs went on sale the same day (9th) from 7PM. I got the connection on 10th. Initially I had some issues with the after-call balance display (USSD based), but got resolved today. Otherwise, the service is excellent on all terms even on the day-one. I'm in love with the service, disposed my old SIM and using Tata DoCoMo as main phone since MNP is too far away for me. I got brown colour SIM. Two of my friends also signed-up with Tata DoCoMo today......they got Green colour packs.......couldn't find the blue one in my city. Hoping the best for this GSM baby!!! Best Regards
  15. Tata Docomo Launched

    Dear Mr. Saket, Thank you!! Yes, my long time wish came true and I'm in love with the service . I disposed my old number as I could not wait till MNP launch and using Tata DoCoMo as my main phone. As per TTSL, Tata DoCoMo launch sequence is: South, East, West and North. Wishing that you'll get your connection soon. Best Regards