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  1. A Friend has just done a mobile repairing course and feel this board problem handset will be usefull for him to do his practicals. If no one else has a better usage i would like to get this handset for him.
  2. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    Any Luck Ashok JP?
  3. Jio Cinema on Lyf Water 1

    I also Started getting the same error I switch on my wifi connect via other service provider for some time and then switch back. This method works randomly.
  4. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    Any one using Voice calling on Jio4GVoice I don't see the video calling option I also granted the Camera permission to the app, still no luck. By default if I call it takes me to the default dialer app. any other settings required I am using a Moto e 2 gen Volte phone .
  5. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    I am using moto e 2 gen with 4glte I could not activate the unlimited offer. I got initial 2 gb and 100 min, I have exhausted my data balance and 80 mins of talking . And don't have a Samsung A seriese or Note to activate JPO. I got a SMS as follows Urgent , Your Jio Number will stop working as the Unlimited offer is not activated . To Continue using Jio Services , Kindly activate the unlimited offer by loging onto my jio app.Click on avail offer and Press submit . My question is Now with the new JPO available for all Samsung and LG handsets can I activate my number on a Samsung J2? else can I activate it in any LYF hs. Is there any other way to activate it ?
  6. Guru Gopal Ji I need one invite Niraj Desai nirajdesai_99@yahoo.com 9022932249

    Happy Birthday HETAL Bhai Happy friendship day
  8. Have a Flip Back cover for Asus Zenphone 6 + a Screen guard for Zenphone 6 ordered it by mistake in place of zenphone 5 Available as a Giveaway. Anyone interested PM me
  9. Happy New Year 2015!

    Wish all rimwebians a verry happy new year
  10. Happy New Year 2014

    Happy new Year to all members and their Families
  11. Palm Pixi + Touchscreen Stopped Working

    It works but not for long good option only to retrieve Important data but this is not a permanent solution
  12. Suggest: Online Reminder Service

    Some more suggestions http://hitask.com/ http://freelanceswitch.com/productivity/best-online-to-do-list-apps/ http://www.todolistsoftware.org/to-do-list-software-features.html Sent from my VS920 4G using Tapatalk 2
  13. ^^^ Sir with due respect to you and your noble thought but todays spoilt kids be it yours or mine they wont want to adjust to things. "Kya papa pichle saal ka lake aaye mare paas to isme se sab cards hain." Last year I also did similar kind of mistake. Then we went to a orphanage near Kalyan and gave it to the children there. and they were overjoyed to use it. If possible take your son and make him explain the rules to children. Plan out a day of his vacation there. He also will feel good. I know it is not right to give something outdated, but for those under privileged ones even something outdated is Precious and gives joy to them. I am getting goose bums while writing this remembering the reactions of the children there.
  14. Tutorial: Generating NV Dump file

    First Place Amit nice iniatieve i dont have Data Working on my LG Spectrum How do I go about creating this NV FILE for the same. I cant be dependent on my seller (Abhishek Pujara) I had CW and read the NV file and saved it. It had some bad-patches reported ( what was the significance of it I don't know) Can i make changes to the NV file saved and upload it. nick you said it is different in what way would it be different for LG and MOTO ? can you eloborate Regards Niraj