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  1. The capdase goes to maniac8828 and the CDMA phone goes to sujit_k Respected members, please check your pm for further information. Thanks all for looking!!
  2. Hello Friends, I am posting after a really loooong time.. I have 2 items to giveaway (needless to say they are used) 1) Capdase rubberized white (bling bling) case for the iPhone 5. See picture below (Excuse the shadow) 2) A 'Classic' branded CDMA phone model no 202 with battery and charger. See picture of the phone below Please reply on this topic only. PM will not be encouraged. Please request for this/ese item(s) only if you really need it. Let us be fair. Kudos!!
  3. ^^^ Mukeshji, the prices you have mentioned are of 3G model or wifi only?? ALso 3G means only GSM or even CDMA (EVDO)?
  4. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    @DK, Thanks for the info... We have been using Laura for the past 3 years, no problems whatsoever with service (except that every year atleast 20K is paid for normal things in service).. Thanks for the link.. now gorging on it..
  5. ^^^ Awesome product at such an awesome price (bike bluetooth), just ordered Can someone give me a superb deal on Wireless HD streaming? Like I have a Receiver in the first floor, and I have the HDMI Player (Blu Ray/DVD/POHD) in the ground floor with my TV. But I would want to stream (Audio and Video) from such a player in ground floor to first floor to my receiver, which is connected to my Home Theatre. There is a clear Line of Sight between the ground and first floor (a 'hole' between the two floors) If someone is using such a thing, then do provide us your reviews on such a product..
  6. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    Skoda Rapid takes the centrestage as of now.. The on-road price of Rapid in Rajkot is hereunder, 1.6 TDI (Diesel) Active : 7,63,000 Ambition : 8,06,000 (value for money) Elegance : 9,12,000 I am planning to get this beauty.. comments from already users, or if you guys have excellent customer reviews of the car at other forums, do put up a LINK.
  7. Test Date: Nov 16, 2011 5:31:49 pm Connection Type: Hspa Server: New Delhi Download: 9214 kbps Upload: 1755 kbps Ping: 147 ms LINK ISP : 3G on Vodafone Plan : COMBO 500 3G Plan Place : Kalawad Rd., Rajkot Handset : ATRIX 4G on 2.3.4 I hope I figure in the top 5
  8. ^^ Hey Karthik, I am doing good.. After effects of marriage (for not being on the forum regularly ).. LOLZ... actually have devoted more time to work now than earlier, and so decided to sit low on internet.. Abhi sab kuch (office related) come on the phone directly.. PC is only for browsing, etc.. I understood your above mentioned post, but I did not understand (from the first post of this topic or the 2nd page post), that this topic can also show results of wired/wireless broadband on PC/wifi... I was under the impression that only speeds on the phone (minus wifi) through 3G or EVDO conection.. Let me not elongate my stand on this... Lets enjoy!! @Rajanbhai, I liked your sentence..
  9. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    ^^^ How is this 5 blade Fusion Power?? I got bad revies, and so didnt settle for it, instead had bought the 3 blade standard Mach 3 power...
  10. Motorola Atrix 4G-The Monster

    Is there anyone else in the Forum having this Monster (now nothing compared to SGS2 and future launches)
  11. Help for selecting best HD DVR DTH service

    I had bought Tata Sky+ long time back, at the suggestions of fellow members.. So I request the goal of this topic is over.. I request MODS to close this topic