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  1. Great Voip Deals for ISD calls !

    for making unlimited calls to US, UK, Canada, Australia the best voip option is www.voipstunt.com it give free unlimited calls to these countries for 10 euros for 4 months validity. i m using it since last 6 months, voice quality is awesome. jigar
  2. Sam Sch 191 Not Starting

    yes kingofkalyan, i went to webworld the same day my handset got damaged. i also bought a new handset and asked the webworld guys to transfer the number to the new handset. it took those **ck**s 20 days to do that. everyday the reason given to me was "server is down, sir". all along they kept suggesting me to take a new number. but i guessed the reason, and it seems the reason for they not transferring the number was my scheme (dapo). finally, i threatened to go to consumer forum (which i really meant), and thats when they seriously took my issue and the number was activated on the new handset the next day. but it took 20 frustrating days in total. reliance is best till we dont have to go to webworld or the service centre. jigar
  3. Sam Sch 191 Not Starting

    same problem with me not once but twice. first time i got it repaired for 5500/-. this time i dont care to spend even a single rupee on this cell. bought a new cell 2 days back, but the ##sho#es at reliance r not able to transfer my old number on this new cell. they say its not possible and i need to buy a new number. it seems that since its a dapo scheme cell, they want me to get rid of dapo and buy a new scheme. pathetic situation for me. jigar
  4. Ringtones For Samsung SCH N191

    hi guys, the mms method of sending ringtones thru smtp server doesnt seem to be working right now... can someone using sch-n191 confirm it ?? thanx jigar
  5. Ubuntu Linux

    hey guys, tell me what if i install the intel version of ubuntu on an amd machine... is it possible... plz tell jigar
  6. Unable To Download Ringtones On Sch-n191

    yaar utsav, y do u want to download those ****ing ring tones... send some cool ones by mms thru our mms method yaar... still u will need to upgrade ur software... rush to near samsung asc and get it done man cheers jigar
  7. Longhorn Becomes Windows Vistaâ„¢

    Hahaha vishal !! aur koi mila nahi kya !! is microsoft making longhorn only for supercomputers ??? :'( jigar
  8. Problem Using Grey Market Data Cable

    sorry man, i dont know what chipset r u talking ? regarding the driver cd, i was given a cd but it was full of viruses, so i downloaded the drivers from the relianceinfo website... and regarding platform, i tried installing it both xp pro and win98 platforms but the same problem, the driver installation just cannot go further "USB-serial controller". even cc guys cannot help me on this. . plz do something yaar, thanx jigar
  9. Problem Using Grey Market Data Cable

    hey guys, when i try to install the drivers for my lg 2230 data cable, at one stage of installation it is not able to find driver for "USB-Serial Controller" and so the process of installation stops there itself. i tried it in other os'es and on other computers too, but the same prob... is it the problem with data cable, or am in doing some mistake installing ? please help, i ve never been able to use my data cable since i bought it... thanx in advance jigar
  10. Ringtones For Samsung SCH N191

    hey r u sure that files till 50 kb are accepted by n191. when i sent i could not save it beyond 4 kb. what will be exact format. plz confirm. thanx jigar
  11. Ringtones For Samsung SCH N191

    the same way as we ve been sending the other poly tones by mms. that 1st smtp server method.... jigar
  12. Ringtones For Samsung SCH N191

    hey guys, i was able to record my own voice in windows sound recorder and was able to save it as a ringtone on my samsung n191. this is what i did. 1. recorded my voice at 8000 hz, 8bit, mono (so that the file is small) 2. save the file and open it in psm player. 3. save it as smaf-jsky. 4. keep max file limit as 4000bytes 5. save it and send it thru mms. thats it !!! y dont we all work on it and using many trials and errors see if we can send mp3's or part of mp3's too... luv jigar
  13. Ringtones For Samsung SCH N191

    send the ringtones on jigar657@yahoo.com thanx in advance... me too got lots of them...will send u once i recieve ur ringtones... jigar
  14. Portable Mp3 Players...

    Hey Harsh, kya yaar ... kuchh bhi fekta hai !!! the sandisk is shown to be worth 199 $ on their website. and secondly they dont ship their orders to india...they do have a reseller in delhi called cosmo digitec with contact number given as 011-51604758...(i got this info from sandisk's US Toll free number)... dont know where u got info that its for 133 $ ... tell me man i would upgrade my player to sandisk one...!!! luv jigar
  15. Portable Mp3 Players...

    enticer... just go thru this thread http://www.rimweb.com/forums/index.php?sho...91&hl=transcend luv jigar