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  1. Coolpad/dual Sim Phone Not Available In Ww

    Thanks to everyone !!!
  2. Coolpad/dual Sim Phone Not Available In Ww

    If not CoolPad - can someone suggest any other better handsets with warranty etc ? How is Spice D88n ? Any other models ? Does it mean we need to go to Chennai everytime for service ? I wont want to do that.
  3. I wanted to buy a dual SIM phone (GSM/CDMA) - preferable CoolPad 288, but in the nearby Web World (Indira Nagar- Bangalore), the same is not available. Where else can I purchase so that I get some warranty ? Also in the website for manufacturers of CoolPad I didnot see any service centre details in India, Any idea how after 1 year, if some problem arises, it can be repaired ? Also, how is Spice handset D88n when compared to CoolPad (featurewise/warranty wise/company wise/after sales service wise), any idea ?