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  1. HI all I would like to tell u some thing If any Balance deduction on u r mobile. jest call call centar with in 24 hr, if any balance deduction from reliance side, they will give u r balance with in 24 hr
  2. Recharge with 16 get 16 TT with validiry of 2 days.................
  3. dear, Already LG launched high-end LG510 with open market with tuch screen.
  4. good news for LG CDMA Customers, LG is lunching new LG6210 hand set with open market, ( reliance,tata,vargin and mts) cen be used , see the attachment. from, suman, 9399994100. LG6210 Launch.pdf
  5. Product Note_RD6300 Final (Sep\'09).docProduct Note_RD6300 Final (Sep\'09).docDear ALL, good news for LG CDMA Customers, LG is lunching new LG6300 hand set with open market, ( reliance,tata,vargin ) cen be use with wireless fm , see the attachment. from, suman.
  6. Any Idea about rate? it has yet not come to Reliance sotres Hi, Lgrd6200 hand set price is 3200 (DP ) in Hyderabad. suman 9399994100
  7. Product%20Note_RD6150%20%20(Sep\'09).pdfHi All, LG is going to lunch new model for Reliance LGRD6150, Go through the attacment, good looking with 1000 phone book capacity,with all kinds of fecility............ suman hyderabad
  8. Dear All Can u Please tell me when will Reliance GSM network be available in Hyderabad? and can u tell me any offer that reliance GSM to CDMA unlimited free ( 24 hours)? PLease provide me details urgently. suman, hyderabad.
  9. it will come sooon............................. i hope in next month.
  10. Hi, Please open WWW.LGMOBILES.COM , U will find out lgrd6500 pc sync software.... suman
  11. Hi, LGRD2030 HEAD SET IS WORKING IN LGRD3510 HAND SET, SUMAN, 9399994100
  12. hi the new phone will be lunched in next month............. suman
  13. LG RELIANCE NEW MODEL LG RD6200 Product note attached! SUMAN Product_Note_RD6200__2nd_Aug.doc
  14. my number is life time is terminated... due to not recgargeing with minimum200 for 6 months............
  15. Pls compailn in local reliance web world, they will help you