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  1. as it is +91 does not work on reliance, so always enter a number in the phone book with prefix '0'
  2. i think you can switch off assisted dialing and there will be no problem and before doing that change the reference country to india.
  3. i suppose no.1 is the problem and remaining 3 does not make any difference if data, sms and call are working....
  4. i might have to flash the prl again....
  5. no i had unrooted stock rom, and yes i just had to flash recovery and install SU and i got the root the option of tethering is missing from the settings itself , so tethering either by usb, bluetooth or hot spot.
  6. Everything working perfectly and smoothly.... Only tethering option missing in settings....
  7. updated to 5.1 , after going back to 4.4.4 stock. but there is no tethering option in the settings ?
  8. did anyone running soak test get the update ?
  9. https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/105156/related/1/session/L2F2LzIvdGltZS8xNDMyMjMzOTQxL3NpZC9uTWxTRVZtbQ%3D%3D
  10. @hiteshji how can we switch to official stock 5.0.2 from soak test ?
  11. Its 2 days now but showing the same.
  12. I did a reset on 5.0.2 and after the rest I have 2 applications on the app tray corezone and zone libentertainm ? Cannot open them , when I click on them I get a message " we're sorry, the app is configuring, check back later.
  13. You need to fully wipe your phone before installation.This happens when data is not wiped. i did a full wipe and also data wipe.
  14. having boot problem after update , it shows the message of updating services but again reboots and so goes on it won't start , keeps on rebooting , i tried reverting back to old stocks but same is happening in other stocks also , can you suggest something wher have i done wrong or is something missing ?